What determines the correct shade of lens to use for welding?

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The amount/brightness of light given off by the process used. Shade #4 or 5 when cutting or welding using the Oxy-Fuel process is usually sufficient. Shade #9, 10, or 11 when stick, MIG, or TIG welding depending of the material being welded and Amperage used. Aluminum reflects more heat and light than most other metals so a darker shade may be called for. TIG welding produces less smoke letting more light escape the weld area, darker shade, possibly. A person whose eyes are sensitive to bright light would probably use a darker shade. I've used shades #9, 10, 11, and 12 when welding. The #12 lens when TIG welding on a ships' propeller using 300 to 400 Amps. Water cooled torch, 5/32" Tungsten. A lot of heat/light was reflected from the surface of the metal. Use as dark a shade that still allows you to see clearly. Remember, the higher the number the darker the shade.
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Should one use a ligher or darker lens when inert gas arc welding?

Answer . I do not believe the gas itself will change the arc brightness much, if any at all, but if you need to change your amperage to weld quicker because of the gas i.e.

Is a convex lens used to correct long or short sightedness?

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What lens shade for 024 wire mig welding?

Depends on multiple factors, amperage, the person and their eyesight, toleration to light. I would suggest you start at shade 10 and work downwards with shade 7 being as low a
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What shade is used for gas welding?

Depends on the type of material to be welded, the size of the flame, and in my situation slowly deteriorating eyesight. Basically shade 4 or 5 will be adequate. As dark as 6 o