What did Aaliyah look like when she was dead?

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I don't know why anyone would want to ask this question. It's totally unacceptable. It doesn't matter what she looked like in death, she was a beautiful woman and what happened to her is BEYOND horrific.

She was in a plane crash, and the plane burst into flames no sooner than it hit the ground, she died either as the plane was spiraling down towards the ground, or as soon as the plane hit the ground

so you can only imagine what her body would have looked like by the time police and fire marshalls were able to get to the scene.

It's retarded asking this question, because if you were smart enough to read up on the police reports that were made and the report submitted by the coroner's office you wouldn't need to even go to a question like this.

RIP Aaliyah.
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Is Aaliyah dead?

Sadly Yes, She died in a Plane Crash, when it crashed, it killed 8out of 9 people instantly from the impact/explosion. She was on herway back from The Bahamas, after finishing

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God forgive me,but aaliyah looked like a crispy cookie she had 7 degree burns all thourgh her body she was at the point where nobody could touch her thats how burned she was n