What did Aristotle refer to as the flaw or error that brings about suffering for the protagonist of a Greek tragedy?

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He depicts the downfall of a basically good person through some fatal error or misjudgment, producing suffering and insight on the part of the protagonist and arousing pity and fear on the part of the audience
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If Aristotle claims that part of the plot of a tragedy is suffering why do you think that people would want to view a tragedy?

Humans are thrilled and enthralled by the suffering of others. German even has a word for it: schadenfreude. On some primitive level our reactions to the pain of others is pro

In Greek tragedy hamartia refers to?

In Greek tragedy, hamartia refers to the protagonist's biggestflaw. It is the one sin or error that is in the main character orhero's personality that leads to their own downf

Do you agree or disagree that Hamlet suffers because he is ill-suited to be the protagonist for a revenge tragedy?

It's an old theory about Hamlet that he is "a man who couldn't make up his mind", (this simpleminded statement is made at the beginning of Laurence Olivier's 1948 Hamlet movie