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He had a belief in life after death,karma,dharma,energy,harmony and finding happiness within the soul.

The Buddha's beliefs are summarized in the Four Noble Truths:
  • All life is suffering
  • All suffering is caused by desire
  • There is and end to suffering
  • The end of suffering is the end of desire as stated in the Eightfold Path
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Do Filipino people believe in Buddha?

some Filipinos do believe that and some are Muslims too! but mostl Filipinos are christians Filipino buddhists do believe in Buddha of course. There are Buddhist Temples her

Did Buddha have sex?

The Buddha had a wife and child before he left to become a Buddha, so yes he had sex.

What is the Aqua Buddha?

"Aqua Buddha" is a water filled bong. A bong is is pipe for smoking various drugs, typically marijuana. The current (October 2010) notoriety surrounding the "Aqua Buddha" st

Is Buddha a god?

Buddha was not a god, never claimed to be a god, and did not call himself a god. He lived his life like a normal human. He was awake and a human just like you and me, he bled,

When and where was the Buddha born?

The time of Lord Buddha's birth and death are uncertain, more than 2500 years ago from now. Lord Buddha was born in Lumbini, in Nepal. There are millions of Buddhists in Nep

Why do Buddhists believe in Buddha?

Buddhist believe in Buddha because he was a real person.   He worked very hard to find out a way that people can escape  suffering. When he did this, rather than keep it

When was the Buddha born?

Buddha was born in Lumbini of Nepal. Lord BUDDHA was born in Lumbini before 2550 years.

Who poisoned Buddha?

In some scriptures Buddha died peacefully in the forest while laying down. He was tired, so he layed down on a tree stump and rest in peace.   In some scriptures it is said

Who were the Buddhas family?

The Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, was the son of Suddhodana Gautama, the leader of the Sakya clan in northeastern India. (Hence he is also often called Sakyamuni, the "wise man

Who is a Buddha?

It is a title given to a human person, saying he/she is "Fully Awakened". Meaning that that person has seen through the illusion of having an Ego. All human beings are inheren
In Taoism

Why does the Buddha have a bun?

Most people in ancient time grew their hair out long. The Buddha, who supposedly had a bun, probably wore it that way to keep his hair out of his face. People of ancient China

Who are the buddhas?

This question should be (who is Buddha?) because Buddha is one person that is founder of Buddhism. He Born in Lumbini, Nepal. Answer: All enlightened beings are Buddhas. All