What did George Washington do before being President?

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he was a general in the revolutionary war
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Who were the 7 presidents before George Washington?

George Washington was the first President under the Constitution ofthe United States. Prior to the adoption of the Constitution, thecolonies/new states were governed by the Continental Congress,which had a president of the Congress, and the Article ofConfederation, which had a president, although th (MORE)

Did George Washington like being president?

No can only answer this question with an oppinion nobody really knows but he did give us the white house starting with just a stone cornor peice so if you think of all the great things he did for our country it makes you wonder he must have liked being president somewhat to do all the great things h (MORE)

What are the names of all the US Presidents before George Washington?

George Washington was the first President of the United States. But there were "Presidents of Congress" both before and after the Articles of Confederation. These 14 men were "presiding officers", not chief executives of the country (Washington was the first). Presidents of Congress (September 5, (MORE)

Who ran the US before George Washington became president?

Under the Articles of Confederation, there was no chief executive,or even an executive branch, so the Continental Congress was theonly federal authority, and a weak one at that. The elected presiding officer of the Congress had someresponsibilities that later became Presidential powers, but did nota (MORE)

Who was president before George Washington?

Prior to the Revolutionary War (1775-1783) and the ratification of the US Constitution in 1788, there was no president. Following the completion of the Constitution, the first elected President of the United States was George Washington, in 1789. During the First and Second Continental Congress, (MORE)

How many presidents were elected before George Washington?

There were none directly elected, being "presidents of Congress" selected to preside over the conventions of the First and Second Continental Congress. The 14 individuals who occupied the post were : 1. Peyton Randolph: September - October 1774, and May 10-24 1775 2. Henry Middleton: October (MORE)

What did George Washington do after being president?

After leaving the Presidency in 1797, George Washington retired to Mount Vernon, his plantation in Virginia, and tried to resume the life of a farmer and plantation owner. His advice was often sought by the political leaders of the US. From 1798 until his death in 1799, he held a commission as Lie (MORE)

Was there a black President before George Washington?

No. George Washington was the first president of The USA. Barack Obama (elected 4 November 2008) was the first black president elected.. Yes that is true but they have evidence that Abrham Lickning ( Sorry for the bad spelling) had some backround of African American in his backround

Where did George Washington live before he was president?

George Washington lived most of his life in Virginia. That is wherehe was born and where he lived before he was president. AsPresident, he took up residence at the President's House inPhiladelphia because the White House had not yet been built. Whenhis two terms as President were over, he moved back (MORE)

Was there an appointed president before George Washington?

Technically, if you consider the president someone who presides over all the united states, there was no president before GW. However, many historians have discussed the fact that before the Constitution (and President GW), there were men who were leaders of the Continental Congress. Since they were (MORE)

What George Washingtons life like before presidency?

George Washington was a planter and military officer. He had no education he was self taught. He got married to Martha Dandridge as he second husband. He did not have any of his own kids but he was a step-father to Martha's children from her first marriage...

Who was the first non elected president before George Washington?

There were none... Actually, There were. Peyton Randolph of Virginia, Henry Middleton, John Hancock, Henry Laurens, John Jay, Samuel Huntington, Thomas McKean, John Hanson, Elias Boudinot, Thomas Miffin, Richard Henry Lee, Nathanial Gorham, Arthur St.Clair, Cyrus Griffin. These are all Forgotten (MORE)

Who were the first seven presidents before George Washington?

There were no presidents of the United States before George Washington. There were presidents of Congress under the Articles of Confederation, but the two offices were very different. The President of the United States is the executive officer of the United States and wields a huge amount of power (MORE)

How many black presidents was there even before George Washington?

No. All sorts of urban legends exist to the effect that there were,the most common confusing a white politician from Maryland namedJohn Hanson who served as the ninth president of the ContinentalCongress and the third under the Articles of Confederation with anAfrican-American of the same name who l (MORE)

Who was the US president before George Washington?

George Washington was the first President elected under the current U.S. Constitution whose ratification created the nation known as the United States of America. However, from 1781 to 1789, the United States functioned under the Articles of Confederation. Under the Articles, the presiding member (MORE)

What did George Washington do before he was the president?

At the age of 17 (1748) he became a land surveyor in Culpeper County, Virginia. He was an officer in the Virginia Militia from 1754 to 1759 during the French and Indian War. He worked as a surveyor until he inherited a large plantation which he managed. Besides planting crops, he had a large whiskey (MORE)

What did George Washington study before becoming president?

In 1749, Washington was appointed as surveyor for Culpepper County, Virginia after a trek for Lord Fairfax into the Blue Ridge Mountains. He was in the military from 1752-8 before being elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1759. He spoke against Britain's policies and became a leader in the (MORE)

Who was George Washington before the first president of the USA?

George Washington was a very famous general in the British Army and fought during the French and Indian War.he was also elected Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. On July 3, 1775, at Cambridge, Massachusetts, he took command of his ill-trained troops and embarked upon a war that lasted six (MORE)

Were there in fact 8 presidents before George Washington?

A. In order to be "president" there has to be a body to govern. The Continental Congress met in 1774 and again in 1775 to organize for a war of independence and was comprised of delegates from the original thirteen colonies (CT, DE, PA, NY, NH, NJ, MA, MD, RI, VA, NC, SC, GA) To my knowledge, no d (MORE)

Was George Washington president before or after the revolutionary war?

George Washington was the first President of the United States. He became the leader of the country after the Treaty of Paris of 1783, gave the American Colonies their freedom from England. . George Washington is the only President of the United States to be elected unanimously. He served 2 terms (MORE)

Was there a president in the American ofice before General George Washington?

Yes. There was a President before George Washington. In fact, the United States had 7 presidents before George Washington. Before George Washington, the United States was governed by The Articles of Confederation. The government under The Articles of Confederation had a President. The President of t (MORE)

Where there presidents before George Washington?

yes there was .there were 10 before george washington because they hold office for only 1 year.when the redifacation of the congress( or the constitution) is when george washington took office.9SORRY FOR THE SPELLING.

How many political parties did have before George Washington was President?

Before George Washington was President of the United States, there were no national political parties. The closest phenomena to political parties that existed during the Articles of Confederation were the Federalist and Anti-federalist movements that advocated For and Against ratification of the U.S (MORE)

What George Washington do for work before he becae a president?

George was a surveyor for a time, then an Army commanding officer in the Seven Days War, in the French and Indian theater, and also in the American Revolutionary War. After that was over, he returned to his home and became a planter - tobacco and so forth. He was elected the first President of the U (MORE)

Who were the presidents of the US before George Washington?

Under the Continental Congress, the Presidents before George Washington was Thomas McKean -(1st President), John Hansen-(2nd) and finally Elias Boudinot. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Hanson There were no Presidents of the United States before George Washington. There were Presidents of Cong (MORE)

Why did George Washington stop being a president?

His second term expired and he did not want to seek a third termbecause he thought it would be a dangerous precedent to set andbecause he was getting older and wanted to spend his time at homewith his wife and manage his plantation.

Did George Washington like his jobs before becoming a president?

Washington had a strong sense of honor and duty. I am sure he got great satisfaction over a job well-done . However, it is difficult to imagine that he actually enjoyed the hardships of the long Revolutionary War, the difficulties of obtaining supplies and man power to fight with and the uncertainti (MORE)

Why did George Washington step down from being president?

Washington was actively involved in the American revolution, in setting up the new government and serving as the first President, for over 20 years. He wanted to go home to his wife and his plantation. Also, he believed that it was bad for the country to have a President serve for more than two ter (MORE)