What did Guy Fawkes do?

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COCAINE. ALso, he and a group of friends tried to blow up the UK Houses of Parliament in 1605
but he got caught and that is why we have bonfire night and burn a guy on the bonfire!
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Who is Guy Fawkes?

He was a Roman Catholic Revolutionary involved in the failed 1605 Gunpowder Plot against King James I if England for which he was drawn, quartered and hung.. Guy (or Guido) F

Who was Guy Fawkes?

Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament by sneaking in lots of gunpowder That's how you put it basically. Guy Fawkes wanted to practise Roman Catholic procedures

What did guy Fawkes do and why?

He attempted to blow up the houses of parliament with a massive amount of gunpowder hidden in the cellars. He was caught just as he was about to light the fuse. He was a catho

What did Guy Fawkes do on 1605 and why?

Shortly after James I became king of England a group of Catholics formed a society that believe violent action must be taken against the crown. The leader of this group was n

Did Guy Fawkes do it or not?

Guy Fawkes was apart of the Gunpowder Plot (the plot to kill King James I), but the plot failed, so he did not kill the king.

Why did Guy Fawkes do what he did?

as we have researched guy Fawkes didnt actually do anything all he did was sit in the grand opening with a load of gunpowder but really he was passing the grand opening whe he

Why did guy Fawkes do?

Most British people know that the Gunpowder Plot was simply to get rid of the Protestant king (who disliked Catholics). James I was simply another Protestant monarch to get ri

What did Guy Fawkes do good?

Guy Fawkes, despite the obvious was a strong believer in his Catholic Faith and within the people he trusted. He died when executed for trying to blow up Parliment on 5th No
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What did guy Fawkes do to be famous?

he was part of a group who tried to overthrow the government at thetime by trying to blow up parliment buildings.