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What did James 1 publish?

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The first authorised English translation of the Holy Bible.
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What does James chapter 1 mean?

James, as head of the Church of God at Jerusalem, is addressing his'circular letter' to all Christian Churches as well as the losttribes living to the north which have now bec

When was the King James version of the Bible published?

At the 1604 Hampton Court Conference James 1 was persuaded (by moderate puritans) that a new translation was needed and ordered work to begin. The work was completed in 1611.

What bad habits did James the 1 have?

King James the I never washed his hands, never. In most of his portraits or paintings, the artist exaggerated too much. Many people actually found him Ugly. Some people even s

What were James 1 habits?

James the 1st was very rude   he was well known for picking his nose and wiping his nose with his sleeve! He also had other nasty habits like eating with his mouth open and

What religion was James 1?

James I (1566-1625, known as King James VI of Scotland) was a protestant. James practiced a presbyterian type of Puritanism, as this was the religion of Scotland. When he be