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What did Jane Roberts die of?

her ongoing battles with a debilitating ailment that turned out to be a massively hypoactive thyroid. That she refused all medical attention to her problems until she was nearly beyond help was an unexplainable peculiarity, and yet in spite of physical limitations and extraordinary pain, she continued her work, channeling Seth's communications and working with other seekers.
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What is your favorite summer hangout spot?

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When did Sarah-Jane die?

Sarah-Jane Smith is the character that Elisabeth Sladen played, and was a regular companion alongside Jon Pertwee (The Third Doctor) and Tom Baker (The Fourth Doctor) between (MORE)

When did Jane Seymour die?

Answer   Jane Seymour was the third of King Henry VIII's six wives.   She was born around 1508 / 1509 and married King Henry on 30th May 1536.   On 12th October 1537 (MORE)

How and when did Jane Austen die?

Jane Austen died at 4:30 am on July 18, 1817 at the age of 41. Although the actual cause of death is unknown, it is possible that she died from Addisons Disease. ----- Most l (MORE)
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The Japanese School Bag: a Child's Bestfriend

April is the start of the school year in Japan. To welcome new students, every school has a welcoming ceremony for them. During this time, you can see excited kids sporting th (MORE)

How to Avoid Cross Contamination of Foods

The media has helped the public become more aware of food safety in terms of the food manufacturers who process our food. It is also an important issue for those who work in t (MORE)
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10 Worst Video Games Ever Made

"Elf Bowling" by NStorm originally came out for Windows as a free download in 1999, and quickly became one of those games that people had to play just one more round (MORE)

How did Jane Addams die?

Jane Addams died of an incurable cancer at 6:15 PM Tuesday, May, 21, 1935. She had a pain on her left side, but back then the cancer was unknown
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How did jane Seymours son die?

Edward became ill in January 1553 with a fever and cough that gradually worsened. The imperial ambassador, Scheyfve, reported that "he suffers a good deal when the fever is u (MORE)

Why did Jane Goodall Die?

Jane Goodall, Never Did Die, she is 78 and still on her feet, she really LOVES animals<3 She can never ley them go, she said if I need to die I would like to die with the a (MORE)

When did Jane Mansfield die?

l967. Outside of New Orleans. cause of death- violent automobile accident in a Buick Electra, colored Grey, by the way. almost exactly thirty years after the Electra project- (MORE)

Summer Road Travel Do's and Don'ts

Are you heading out on the road this summer? What you can do to get your car and yourself ready as you plan your trip. Cautions to take while driving and considerations to kee (MORE)
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What the Cavemen Gave Us in Stone Age Technology

The Stone Age lasted for over three million years (3.4 million B.C.E. - 2,000 B.C.E.), over thirty times longer than the human race has existed on planet Earth. Its discoverie (MORE)