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What did Jane Roberts die of?

her ongoing battles with a debilitating ailment that turned out to be a massively hypoactive thyroid. That she refused all medical attention to her problems until she was nearly beyond help was an unexplainable peculiarity, and yet in spite of physical limitations and extraordinary pain, she continued her work, channeling Seth's communications and working with other seekers.
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Finally, how do you think an actual battle of wits between you and Wallace Shawn would go?

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When did Sarah-Jane die?

Sarah-Jane Smith is the character that Elisabeth Sladen played, and was a regular companion alongside Jon Pertwee (The Third Doctor) and Tom Baker (The Fourth Doctor) between (MORE)

When did Jane Seymour die?

Answer   Jane Seymour was the third of King Henry VIII's six wives.   She was born around 1508 / 1509 and married King Henry on 30th May 1536.   On 12th October 1537 (MORE)
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5 Must-Have Suede Mary Janes

Contemporary Mary Janes run the gamut in design. Originally conceived as a demure, closed-toe heel with a buckled strap across the foot, the toe was rounded and the heel was f (MORE)
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Home Theatre Systems: Robert Silva

If you have been doing research on home theater systems, you may have encountered information about Robert Silva. Robert is one of the most respected names when it comes to ho (MORE)
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Jane Austen Quotes

Though little-known for centuries after her death, Jane Austen is now one of the most famous and influential authors of all time. These quotes, taken from her novels and perso (MORE)

The Inventions of Robert Hooke

Robert Hooke was an English mathematician, architect, and scientist who played a significant role in the evolution of science through theoretical and experimental work. He was (MORE)

9 Little Known Facts About Jane Krakowski

A true triple threat, Jane Krakowski brings a vulnerable yet strong quality to each role. She bolsters her acting skills as a singer and dancer, and she has found a second hom (MORE)

How and when did Jane Austen die?

Jane Austen died at 4:30 am on July 18, 1817 at the age of 41. Although the actual cause of death is unknown, it is possible that she died from Addisons Disease. ----- Most (MORE)

Why did Jane Goodall Die?

Jane Goodall, Never Did Die, she is 78 and still on her feet, she really LOVES animals<3 She can never ley them go, she said if I need to die I would like to die with the a (MORE)