What did Pedro find on his trip to India?

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He found Petro
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How find trips for a truck?

Independent truck drivers use a broker service to find jobs fortruck drivers. The driver registers with a broker, and then thebroker calls when they get loads that are suitabl

What did Pedro Alvares Cabral do when he got to India?

he was greeted :D. When Vasco da Gama arrived in Lisbon in the fall of 1499, after going all the way to India and back again, he had good news for Portugal's King Manoel. Th

How much for a boat trip to India?

I talked with a Travel Agent today that told me that there is no such thing anymore except if you can get a ride on a cargo liner but you would have to wait by the docks until

What did Columbus find on his trips?

Columbus found on his journey what he calls the Indians. He thought that when he landed in the island, that it was aisa, when realy it wasent.

How could you find tripped breaker?

Look for a breaker handle that is not full on and is misaligned with the other breakers around it. Switch this breaker to the full off position. You will find a bit of resista

How much will Obama's trip to India cost?

First, let's talk about how much it won't cost: in November 2010, President Obama made an official trip to India. Some conservative newspapers claimed the trip would cost mo

Who can provide the complete India trip?

Covering the whole of India in one travel package is verydifficult. Anyone can discover this beautiful country which is fullof tourism by section or on a per state basis. Any

How do you find a tripped circuit?

it will be dead when others are not there is usually some way to see that the breaker is tripped or the fuse is blown another reason fuses are safer sometimes with
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Where can you find information on trips to Vegas?

The city of Las Vegas has a self named website that has a trip planner available. One can book a hotel, flight, and purchase tickets for shows online. They have a free visit