Who was Will Rogers?

Will Rogers was a one of America's brightest media stars during the 1920s and '30s, a Cherokee cowboy-philosopher who did rope tricks while making pointed -- and humorous -- p (MORE)

What did Will Rogers do?

Will Rogers was a famous cowboy known for his saying how he never met a man he didn't like. He became a rodeo star and then eventually a tv star, launching his fame around the (MORE)

What is a roger?

"A roger" is an acknowledgement of receipt of a radio message, originally military usage but now much used by radio hams. Should not be confused with "to roger". This was com (MORE)

Who are sandy?

Sandy is a squirell in SpongeBob squarepants. She is one of spongebobs best friends. Sh makes her first appearance in the 3rd episode named tea at the treedome. She is one of (MORE)

Is Jupiter sandy?

We do not no for sure what Jupiter's surface is like, or if it has a surface at all. It may have a rocky core or may just be a ball of gas. Jupiter is covered completely by it (MORE)
In Egypt

Why is it sandy in Eygpt?

Egypt is sandy and dry because there is no water, so, there wouldn't be area for grass to grow if there is no water for it to be lasting. On the other hand, sand can survive w (MORE)

Is Venus sandy?

no it is not sandy its very rocky and hot and the terrain has many volcanoes

What is Roger and Me about?

The 1989 documentary film directed by Michael Moore "Roger &Me" is about the adverse economic effects that General Motors CEORoger Smith had upon the city of Flint , Michigan (MORE)