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What did Aaliyah's autopsy state as her cause of death?

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She died in a plane crash, but the exact cause of death was listed as "severe burns and a blow to the head, along with severe shock."
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What was the cause of Aaliyah's death?

she had gotten into an airplane crash w/ 8 other passengers and sadly died:( She also died from severe burns, a blow to the head, and she went in to shock and had heart proble

Why are the underlying and immediate causes of death both important when preparing an autopsy report?

I'm not a coroner but here is my answer: Underlying causes of death can predispose a person to die from immediate causes of death. That means underlying causes aka "chronic co

What lead to Aaliyah's death?

Aaliyah was in a flight amongst nine other people, when the plane they were travelling in crashed. She had many burns and a blow to the head. The pilot was under the influence

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Is a heart failure caused by electrical injury as a cause of death normally transparent enough in an autopsy?

Thank you very much for your reply, Jonethan.   I asked the question, because in the country of my origin a guy had  been - not too long time ago - convicted of double mu