What did Mrs Claus say to her husband during the rainstorm?

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She says, "Look at the rain, dear." (reindeer)
It's raining mr Claus
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What is Mrs. Claus' name?

Mrs. Claus' Name Name: Jessica Mary Claus aka 'Mrs Claus', 'Goody', 'Jessica', 'Ma', 'Maya', 'Matha', 'Doloe', 'Dolores' Jessica...according to Rankin/Bass! Mrs Clauses real name is Layla as it says in the book the autobiagraphy of santa Mrs. Claus's maiden name was Mary Christmas,then her (MORE)

Is it true that turkeys will drown looking at the sky during a rainstorm?

"Of course, all this progress has a price. Intelligence, for example, seems to have been lost in breeding. In a forthright 1947 manual on turkey farming, author G.T. Klein allows that, although wild turkeys are "wild and wary to the point of genius," those who raise domesticated turkeys "will be dis (MORE)

What is Mrs Claus' first name?

Nicolas. It is Jessica. From Santa Claus is Comming to Town. Mrs. Claus's first name is Sara or what I have heard it is The Boss. I was told it was Sara Marie Claus.

What is Mrs Claus' maiden name?

If I were to guess what Mrs.Claus's maiden name was then I say it was reindeer because reindeer was what Mrs. Claus was always saying in the movie. Mary Christmas (litteraly that's what it was)

What does mrs claus do?

Besides taking care of Santa and their house, Mrs. Claus does: . bakes all kinds of goodies, . knits presents, . answers some of Santa's mail, . helps organize Santa's schedule, . contacts the Presidents and Leaders of all countries to give the schedule (so governments don't think the sle (MORE)

How did santa meet mrs Claus?

Santa met Mrs. Claus when she lived alone and she made him the best cookies EVER. He fell in love with her cookies, and eventually they fell in love with each other, and then they married each other.

How do you say Santa Claus in Mexico?

In some Spanish-speaking lands, St. Nick is referred to as Senor Navidad- easily translated as Mr. Christmas. Stop and think, have you ever known of a Spanish person named Nicholas? Domenic, yes, but that is a different saint.

What is Mrs Claus' job or what does she do?

She provides the food for Santa Claus and maintains the home while he is gone. She also does spy missions and goes trick or treating. Not only that, but she also takes over if Santa Claus is sick during any Christmas.( That is a secret and never tell that to a kid because it will give them nightmare (MORE)

How do Australians say Santa Claus?

Santa, Santa Claus or Father Christmas would be the most common forms of address for the old gentleman. . A peculiarly Australian title for him which I have not heard for many years and which may have originated from a funny story was, Whacker Chimber.

How do you say Santa Claus inFrance?

He" usually dubbed Pere Noel or Father Christmas. oddly in French Nicholas is not commonly used as a male name, Nicole and Colette are female derivatives, the latter a famous author who died in l954 ( the Funk and Wagnalls encyclopedia incorrectly stated she died in l956, it was l954.)

How do you say Santa Claus in Switzerland?

It would be pretty close to our usage, as this is a Germanic country in part. They have a holiday on December 6 ( festival of St. Nicholas) called the (Klausjagen) literally Claus- Hunt. this is a parade with wild and festive outsized hats as a main attraction and they are patterned in part off Bish (MORE)

How do you say Santa Claus in Holland?

In Dutch i think it's Kerstman. (google translater) but wiki has great info. it says it's De Goede Sint. *Sources http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Claus#Dutch_folklore

How did Santa and Mrs. Claus meet?

now, Santa had been raised by the kind hearted nymph of the forest....and built his own home and started sending gifts to children he knew...gifts he made!...but in his heart, he knew that there was a part of him that wanted to know love returned and the gods and Mother Nature heard and felt this an (MORE)

Pet name for Santa Claus given by Mrs. Claus?

Nikita? that means little Nicholas or Nick and was applied to both Czar Nicholas II of Russia and much later, Nikita Krushchev, or (Krushy!) Khruschev was an engineer officer at the time of the revolution, designing subway tunnels, bridges, planning logistics routes. as a young man, he was a railroa (MORE)

What did Mrs Claus say during the thunderstorm?

Look at that rain dear (like ----> look at that reindeer) This is a Japanese joke; she said: "サンタサンダー!", pronounced as s anta sandā! , a joke on the phonetic pronunciationsof English words by the Japanese.

How do you say Santa Claus in Kikuyu?

The Kikuyu people in Kenya don't all believe in Santa Claus, butthe ones who do usually call him Father Christmas, Santa Claus,Sinterklaas, or Papa Noël. The word "Santa" has been adopted intomany native languages as is.

Is telephone use during rainstorm safe?

Yes. The potential difference, or voltage, involved in a telephone call is very little, hence the thin wires used in telephone cables. Therefore, if the water from the storm were to penetrate the wires, the shock would be so small, probably less than you get from licking both terminals on a square b (MORE)

How does mrs Claus make cookies?

The recipes for all the really good cookies were written down from our grandmother's great-grandmothers and their mothers and so on. The elves wrote the recipes into big books that Mrs. Claus could use. And every year, Mrs. Claus teaches new moms around the world how to bake all the special Christ (MORE)

Is Mrs. Claus real?

If Santa Claus is married then Mrs. Claus is real. If Santa is then I guess she is too.

What does Santa Claus do during the summer?

during the summer, santa and his elves all go on a big trip to the beach! but mrs.claus doesnt go because she says santa is too caught up with his work to care about her. so sad.

In what country is Mrs. Claus known as Lucy?

Well, Lucy is an American name, so I'm guessing it wouldn't be in a different country, unless someone from America left and kept the name. Different movies have also given her different names, but I doubt, if it is part of the Christmas tradition, it wouldn't be somewhere in America...it's a big pl (MORE)

Did mrs Claus have a baby?

Now where did you get that question? well no because she marriedSanta and they are way too old to successfully have one.

Do Mrs. Claus or Santa Claus even exist?

I think that Santa exists as a community of people, helping eachother to carry forth the Christmas spirit and make each otherhappy. Whether there is a single, physical man is debatable... inNew York every year they have Santa Claus days where hundreds,maybe thousands of Santas participate. Is it jus (MORE)

Is Mrs. Claus an elf?

No, Mrs Claus is Santa's Wife, she has White hair tied back in a bun, a long red and green dress who waves Santa off on Christmas Eve. Some People think the Elves are their Children, and the reindeer are their pets. Some Believe Santa was born on Christmas Day in 000,0000000bc. legend has it that Sa (MORE)

What does Santa Claus say in Sweden?

Santa, or "Jultomten" as he is known in Sweden, comes to the house with the presents and says "Finns det några snälla barn här?", i e " Are there any good/nice children here?"

What does mrs phelps say about the war and her husband in Fahrenheit 451?

Mrs. Phelps says that according to the Army, the war is supposed to be quick; only forty-eight hours and then they would send her husband right back home. About her husband, she states that she isn't at all worried. On page 94, she says, "I'm not worried. I'll let Pete (her husband) do all the worry (MORE)

Where can one buy Mrs. Claus outfits?

Many costume stores will carry seasonal costumes when it is not Halloween. A special party store in your area may have a costume as well. Check your yellow pages to see if there are any of these businesses in your area.

Will laying in a puddle during a rainstorm kill you?

Laying in a puddle during a rain storm might kill you if there is plenty of lightning. If a person is on the ground, they are in a perfect position to be hit by lightning if they are near water. Lightning will always follow the path of least resistance.

Who played the actor Mrs Santa Claus?

Mrs Santa Claus was played by Angela Lansbury in the 1996 television musical. There have been many other actors who portrayed Mrs Claus in other films, and television shows as well.

Why don't we see a rainbow during most rainstorms?

Because in order to see a rainbow, the sun must be behind you, in apatch of clear blue sky, and rather low, and at the same time, the air infront of you must be laden with moisture in the form of water droplets, spray, mist,or rain. That's a restrictive set of conditions that doesn't happen during m (MORE)