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What did people do for fun in the 1960's?

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As a teenager in the sixties, we enjoyed the "British invasion", meaning we wore our hair long, we dressed in paisley shirts, bell-bottom magenta jeans with wide belts and wore desert boots on our feet. This was the era of mind-expanding drugs, so many of us experimented with LSD, mushrooms and many other recreational drugs. Those lucky enough to afford a car bought the 'muscle car', such as the "Chevelle SS 396". Woodstock capped off the era of the 60's. So, we hung out, promoted peace and turned on!
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What teens did for fun back in the 1960's?

Teens in the 60s played games and sports, went to parks, spent time  with their friends, watched television, went to drive in movies.  Bowling and dancing was popular among

How do people have fun in Alaska?

We like to ski, snowboard, dog-sled, ice-fish, snowmobile, hike, ice skate. There isn't any malls anywhere but Anchorage so we like to do most of our activities outside.

What were peoples hobbies in the 1960's?

Cleaning, cooking, running, fighting, intercourse of the sexual nature, listen to radio, sew stuff, eat food, argue, incest, smoking some stuff drinking some stuff, masterbati

What did people do for fun in 1750's?

They had balls and parties in winter and they went to the theatre and the opera. In summer, they had picnics, long walks and rides. They had guests for supper or tea all the y

What sports did people play in the 1960's?

Baseball, football, basketball, and DEFINENTILY soccer. In fact, 1962 was the year Brazil won the world cup and England won in 1966

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Australia had an excellent climate and the highest per capita income worldwide during much of the 1960s - though certainly not so today. To a certain extent it is "California"

Famous people who died in the 1960's?

Famous people to die in the 1960s, are John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Marylin Monroe,Martin Luther King jr.

What did people do for fun in the 1500's?

They liked to play a game called bear betting. They would have a ring of bear out in the ocean and put as many dogs as there were bears. Then they would bet on who would win,

What did teenagers do for fun in the 1960's?

They did things such as, watched tv with their family, went to  movies, skating rinks, went bowling, played many sports, danced,  listened to music, and read.

Why do people have fun?

Well people like to have fun for lots of reasons. Some people do it because they are bord. It just hapens😃😄😜👍

What did teenagers do for fun in the 1960's in the US?

There was clubs that people would join, not gangs, but like hangout clubs, and they would listen to records and drink lemonade or coffee. And they didn't hang around street co

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Making fun of other people is a sign of a person's low self esteem. Making fun of others, like bullying, is an effort to raise one's self esteem by attempting to lower that of