What did soldiers in Vietnam do to pass the time when they were not fighting?

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Stand Guard, load magazines, clean weapons, sleep, write home, eat, sweat (its hot there), get wet (it rains there), dig deeper fox holes, read mail, plant claymores (mines), and one other thing PRAY.
Some soldiers got involved with the local women and community.
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Did British soldiers fight in Vietnam?

Yes. British troops did not fight alongside the American's in the Vietnam war. However, British troops were stationed in South Vietnam on the 13th September 1945. They were ch

Who were the Vietnam soldiers fighting in the war?

We were fighting both the North Vietnamese Army, and the "Viet Cong." Viet Cong translates to People's Army. They were mostly South Vietnamese citizens recruited by North Viet

How were soldiers recruited to fight in the Vietnam war?

Vietnam people were recruited for the Vietnam war by god as a way to respect him and get better worshiping power to receive higher profitable gifts such as houses, cows, pigs,

What part of Vietnam did American soldiers fight in?

US Airmen and Sailors conducted war against NORTH Vietnam with their airplanes and battleships (one battleship actually, the USS New Jersey), cruisers, and destroyers firing f

Why did the US soldiers fight in the Vietnam war?

The vast majority were volunteers, not draftees. They fought because that was their job as soldiers- to go where the nation sends them. Many truly believed it was a just war-

How often did soldiers fight in Vietnam?

The regular conscripted soldiers were put on 100 days tours of duty. How often they actually had to fight battles depended on where they were stationed and what their mission
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How did a north Vietnam soldiers get to fight in saigon?

By marching down the Ho Chi Minh trail which traversed thru Laos & Cambodia. And if the NVA (North Viet Army) managed to survive the gauntlet of US bombs blasting the place on
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What did the Vietnam soldiers fight for?

The U.S. government viewed involvement in the war as a way to prevent a communist takeover of South Vietnam as part of their wider strategy of containment. The North Vietnames