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The Adena people were a group of Pre-Columbian Native Americans that existed between 1000 B.C. and 200 B.C., a time known as the Woodland Period. They lived in a variety of locations in: Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, and part of Pennsylvania and New York. They were best known for their earthworks that were left over from their period. Adena mounds were found densely in many areas that they lived in; however, only a small handful of them actually exist today. Their purpose seems to serve as burial sites, ceremonial sites, historical markers, and even gathering places, ranging in size from 20 to 300 feet in diameter.

The Adena people survived through foraging and cultivation of plants such as:
  • Hunting: deer, elk, black bear, woodchuck, beaver, porcupine, turkey, trumpeter swan, ruffed grouse
  • Gathering: edible seed grasses and nuts
  • Cultivating: pumpkin, squash, sunflower, and goosefoot
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