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What did the American government do to Native Americans?

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Took my peoples land and promised us peace...but instead it was nomad land ...they try to take our culture away
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How many Native Americans were killed by the US government?

Native Americans killed in service for the United States and killed defending their Indian country is listed below in rough estimated numbers. A likely total of 100,000-500,00

What does it mean to Americanize a Native American?

Americanizing a Native American is by definintion a contradictory statement. Being the original inhabitants of the North American Continent i.e the original Americans, they ca

How did Americans treat native Americans?

They treated them horribly they kicked them off their land, put them into reservations, forced them onto land that was not for farming. Made the children go to "boarding" scho

Why did Americans want the government to relocate the native Americans?

Many white Americans, especially in what is now the southeastern states, wanted the natives removed to the west because they wanted their lands and the resources under them, a

How did the native Americans get from Asia to the Americans?

Beringia or "Clovis First" Theory: During the Ice Age, the water levels lowered, and the Bering Strait was all land, connecting Asia and North America. Some people belive that