What did the Greeks believe about the origins of the god of the universe?

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Ancient people frequently attempted to reason the effect of a unknown force with a deity so as to trace it to a cause. So they believed in many gods and goddesses who worked together and in part to order their world in day to day life.
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Why did the Greeks believe in gods and goddesses?

It is difficult to single out the ancient Greeks for their religious beliefs. Almost all peoples of ancient times believed in one or more gods, and the Greeks were no exceptio

How did the Greeks believe in gods?

Many of the deities of Greek origin explain things that happen for unknown reasons by a unknown force, for instance the weather, why night turns to day, why certain flowers ex

Why did the Greeks believe in the Greek gods?

The wrong answer is "The Greeks believed in the Gods because they needed an explanation for the forces and elements, but saw nothing. They couldn't do it themselves, so they t

Why did Greeks believe in Greek gods?

The Greeks believe(d) in the Greek gods because they were their explanation of why and how everything functioned. Every god/dess has a role in the universe, and they all have
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Did Aristotle believe in the Greek Gods?

No he did not. Aristotle created the discipline of logic. He used this logic to answer life's greatest question. ..What is holding up reality? His answer was the universe