What did the soldiers eat during world war 1?

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They didnt eat much; just hard biscuits. The soldiers hardly got any meat. and they didn't have much water.
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What did soldiers eat in world war 1?

Dry biscuits, canned meat. Very small rations of food every day. Ahot meal was rare in a trench. Although most soldiers who were sentout of the trench for serving their time could buy a hot meal in acity for a few cents, then go back to duty.

Were there chaplains for the soldiers to talk to during World War 1?

Oh, yes. Every army had chaplains. Somebody wrote a letter to the London Times pointing out that this put God in rather an awkward position. However. You'll probably get lots of US answers, so I'll talk about the British side. Every unit had a Church of England chaplain, since England has an Establi (MORE)

What did soldiers eat during World War 2?

Answer Soldiers in world war two ate differently depending on where they were deployed or stationed, while in the field or during combat situations they would eat what are called c-rations, most of the time they were awful. ON a base, stateside, pretty much the same food as in a cheap cafe. Cooked (MORE)

What did the soldiers eat during World War I?

Soldiers received a pound of meat, a pound of bread, and eightounces of vegetables each day. Their families would also send them"tins" containing treats such as chocolate and tobacco.

What did british soldiers eat in the trenches during World War 1?

ONE SOLDIERS WEEKLY RATION INCLUDES:. 4oz bacon or ham . 3 pints milk per week . 2oz butter . 2oz margarine . 2oz fat/lard . 2oz tea . 1 egg per week . 2oz jam . 3oz sugar . 1oz cheese . 3oz sweets. ------------. There are short stories told in Turkey, one of them is like that; In the (MORE)

How were wounded soldiers treated during World War 1?

They were usually "patch jobs" and they did the best they could. They didn't have helicopters to come and air-lift them out. It was by the grace of God many survived from their wounds. In some cases there were hospitals near the fighting lines, but generally not enough doctors or nurses. Many people (MORE)

What did british soldiers eat during World War 1?

the soldiers ate their own poo and drank their own wee. some ate the rats and lice that nibbled at their feet also some ate bacon rasher and a Sunday roast with pepperoni pizza and chips some had chips from the chip shop

What did soldiers on the western front eat during world war 1?

Answer \n. \nFood \n\nTheir food would have consisted mostly of canned products due to its longevity and bulk transportation. Some examples of the food they would have eaten are; Bully Beef, biscuits and bread. Fruit cake was also very available due to family gift packs (fruit cake had a long she (MORE)

What did soldiers eat and drink in World War 1?

A very good question which I happened to stumble upon myself when I was looking for the answer! I have found this link which should answer all your questions. It shows the rations of food and drink that soldiers received during World War One. The link is as follows: http://www.historylearningsite. (MORE)

What dangers do soldiers have during the world war 1?

i have no idea i need to know pleez Well, there are health dangers like Trench Foot, where basically, your foot in enclosed in water for a long period of time and it begins to rot. There is also the cold and flu possibilities and then there is a chance that the walls of a trench may fall down and c (MORE)

How did soldiers during World War 1 travel to the battles?

Trains were used for long distances, usually followed by a long hike to the front. There were exceptions however, during the First Battle of the Marne in 1914, 1,600 Parisian taxicabs rushed 6,000 reinforcements to the frontlines in defense of Paris. Ships, trains and on foot.

Soldiers during World War 1?

Shell Shock: Summed up in a few short words, shell shock is the battle fatigue. It is a mental disorder caused by the stress of active warfare and death all around the soldiers. It frequently caused depression or insanity. Some of the tougher men managed to come back home with a sane mind while o (MORE)

What a World War 1 soldier had?

Depending on the Nationality of the Soldier, his weapons would vary, Usually a standard bolt-action rifle, no sidearms, usually a bayonet for trench raiding/close quarters. They had a uniform, Standard combat helmet, boots, leggings. A large pack containing water, munitions, gas mask, mills bombs/po (MORE)

What did soldiers do in World War 1?

its just like what happenes in navy games star wars is like that its a never ending warthey fight to the death until theres one side standing the Aussie or the foreighn

Did soldiers eat bread pudding during world war 1?

I would think so. Bread pudding has been around since the middle ages and is very popular in Europe. It is also a go-to thing to do with stale bread. Bread pudding can be made with just a little sugar, dried milk and dried egg and can be made sweet or savory so it would be a prefect go-to food durin (MORE)

What did American soldiers eat during World War 2?

They generally ate rations which were given to them, like canned food; bread .. basic forms of food which can survive long harsh dutys and can be transported easily. You know, food very small, filling and helps get good stuff into your body. Basic meals now days though.

Where did the soldiers stay during World War 1?

Soldiers stayed in dug outs. They were dug out of the sides of the trenches,(hence the name) they went down to almost 10 feet sometimes. Usually they were where soldiers slept, waited, and took refuge from artillery/mortars. Some of them had gas curtains, but it was not uncommon to have a full dug o (MORE)

Why were soldiers called doughboys during world war 1?

The usual explanation is that during the "Punitive Expedition" into Mexico in 1916, where Pershing led American soldiers in a long "chase" around northern Mexico after Pancho Villa, the infantry soldiers frequently got covered with dust. It was adobe dust (the same soil used as the primary building (MORE)

What did British soldiers eat during World War 2?

Soldiers in world war two ate differently depending on where they were deployed or stationed, while in the field or during combat situations they would eat what are called c-rations, most of the time they were awful. ON a base, stateside, pretty much the same food as in a cheap cafe. Cooked in la (MORE)

What were American soldiers called during the World War 1?

Their nickname was "doughboys". The most likely origin of this odd nickname was the Punitive Expedition into Mexico in 1916, chasing Poncho Villa. The marching infantry often became coated with adobe dust, so the cavalry called them "adobes", then "'dobies", and finally by metathesis, doughboys. Ano (MORE)

What weapons did a soldier carry during World War 1?

A normal solider would carry a bolt-action rifle with a bayonet to put on the end. They usually had a combat/utility knife aside from the bayonet. Soldiers in ww1 did not carry a sidearm, which was seen as the "officer's weapon" They usually had several grenades as well. It's not much, but it's enou (MORE)

What food did the world war 1 soldiers eat in the trenches?

Soup or gruel was provided for some of the Allied troops, along with the usual hard bread, salted meat, and whatever potatoes or other vegetables could be secured from undestroyed farms. Occasionally they could find live poultry while moving through the countryside. Where US troops were on the marc (MORE)

What were foods that soldiers ate during world war 1?

people in ww1 in the trenches ate the following as part of there rations: 20oz bread or 4oz oatmeal or 16oz flour 3oz cheese 5/8oz tea 4oz jam or 4oz dried fruit 1/3oz chocolate 1/2oz salt 4oz marg/butter 8oz fresh vegtables or 2oz dried vegtables they drank: 1 pint of porter they also had a rat (MORE)

Did soldiers eat moon pies during World War 2?

No. The Moon Pie was made by a Southern bakery staring in 1900 and was mainly a local junk food, so would not have been found outside the south. In 1950 it began to be sold nationally.

Did the soldiers in World War 1 eat stale food?

No they did not. The actual meal arrangements was that a pair of soldiers would be sent from the front line to some of the auxiliary trenches (the trenches located behind), they would then move barrels containing the food (usually a form of stew that was prepared every meal time) to the front line. (MORE)