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It varied just as people today do. Many Vikings weren't pure Scandinavians. The Vikings raided many countries in Europe and in the Middle-East and often would bring back women from different countries resulting in a mixture of people. Ranging anywhere from the lightest pale skin, to olive skin. They were well dressed and well groomed, long haired and bearded, with colored tunics made of wool or linen, and trousers, arm rings, and sometimes capes.

The blond image of Scandinavia is a stereotype. They had different colored hair, mostly Brown as typical Scandinavians have now. Among brown were Blond, Red, and Black hair.
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What did a Viking ship look like?

A typical Viking ship looked somewhat similar to a modern day  canoe. The longships were used for exploration, trade and warfare.  They were long, narrow boats with shallow

What was a viking town like?

A viking Town was very crowded and could have up to 50 houses in it. They had a large wooden fence around them for protection and and they were usually built by the sea so bat

What does a viking ship look like?

The Viking long ship is over 30m long but only 6m wide. The Viking long ship was huge and beautiful. At the tip of the ship, there is a dragon or serpent head to scare away vi

What did viking people look like?

It varied just as people today do. Ranging anywhere from the lightest pale skin, to olive skin. Hair wise, it was long. They had many colored hair, mostly Brown as typical

Why did the vikings look for a new land?

The vikings looked for new land because scandinavia was becoming over populated. So they left in long ships to find new land. Some places we scared. so they would pay money to

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Freya had long golden blonde hair which would flow beautifully in  the wind followed by deep crystal blue eyes that represent the  ocean.

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Viking houses were made of wood, with the walls supported by upright logs. The roof would either be tiled with overlapping wooden tiles, or straw reeds. They had low rounded r

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I guess they were looking for the same thing as other  explorers/raiders/traders wealth, land, and eternal glory!   Add to that the fact that only the eldest Viking son i
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The Viking long ships were made of wood, and didn't go far under water. Their bottom were relatively flat, so they could sail almost anywhere, up rivers, onto beaches etc. The

What were the viking homelands like?

  It varied. If an Icelandic viking.. Iceland landscape.     If Norwegian.. (this is most common in popular culture) it was probably within the deep fiords of West