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What did they use before electricity?

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fires burn wood for fuel friction stuff like that XD
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What power did people use before electricity?

Animals -like horses,oxen, men, women,and mules to do the work required. Or windmills and waterfall wheels to turn machines. There were candles and oil lamps for lighting. P

What was used before the electric blanket was invented?

im guessing a regular one/ im guessing a regular one/ actually, there were two things used prior to the electric blanket. first like what was previously stated a regular one,

What did people used before electricity was invented?

Electricity changed a lot of ways things were done. Almost anything done with electricity had an earlier counterpart. Lights were kerosene or candles. Cooling was with ice. Th

What did people use for dryers before electricity?

They'd usually hang them over a fireplace or just air dry their clothes. Even in the wettest climates, the standard way to dry clothes is on a clothesline, strung either outdo