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What did they use before electricity?

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fires burn wood for fuel friction stuff like that XD
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What did people use for dryers before electricity?

They'd usually hang them over a fireplace or just air dry their clothes. Even in the wettest climates, the standard way to dry clothes is on a clothesline, strung either outdo

How did girls curl their hair before electricity?

Girls who wanted their hair curled used to have ribbons entwined through their hair, and they would sleep like that for the night. This would give their hair a curly appearanc

Why is electricity useful?

  Electricity has become a household necessity in many places around the globe. It is used to power everything from batteries in a child's toy to powering NASA's super com

What do you do before someone is put on the electric chair?

The inmate going to the electric chair has their head and right calf shaven. Next, cotton balls are used to stuff their butt and a diaper is worn. Then, they are led into the

Why do we use electricity?

The reason we use electricity is to do work. The work allows us to accomplish necessary things more easily, and to do things we like that cannot be done by other means. Let's

What are the uses of electricity?

Electricity has invaded our lives and has become vital in almost all aspects of society today. The list of uses will fill a book but here are a few headings:     Trans

What was used before the electric drill?

Before the electric drill , it was done by hand. There's a hand-cranked drill, probably still used by the Amish. My father owned one.

What unit of measure is used to describe the amount of work a surge of work a surge suppressor can do before it stops protecting the circuit from an electrical surge?

Joules, a measure of electrical energy that is the product of Amperes, Volts, and Seconds. A typical surge might be 1000 volts, 10 amps, lasting 10 milliseconds - this would b

What did people used before electricity was invented?

Electricity changed a lot of ways things were done. Almost anything done with electricity had an earlier counterpart. Lights were kerosene or candles. Cooling was with ice. Th

How can electricity be used?

It is widely used in industry and the home for motors, heating, lighting, computers, etc

How did people get light before electricity?

  People got light before electricity by burning things especially wood, oil, and wax. They would use candles, gas lamps, and torches to name a few.

What power did people use before electricity?

Animals -like horses,oxen, men, women,and mules to do the work required. Or windmills and waterfall wheels to turn machines. There were candles and oil lamps for lighting. Pow

When did the US get electricity?

  Thomas Edison patented an electric distribution system in 1880, which was essential to capitalize on the invention of the electric lamp. On December 17, 1880, Edison fou

What do you use electricity for?

Using electricity is a tough thing to conceptualize-we draw it from our sockets to power computers, stereos, and appliances, and it indiscriminately runs our refrigerators, m