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How are your eyes like a camera?

1.they both need light ray in order to function. 2.they both have sensitive surface on which image is formed. 3.they both have lens. 4.they both have a device to regulat (MORE)

How does red eye happen on a camera?

"If an eye had absorbed all light, then this wouldn't happen. In fact, if an eye had been theoretically flawless, the red eye effect would not have existed at all. What happen (MORE)

What is the difference between the eye and camera?

cameras can take pictures, your eye can only process it to your brain so that it goes to your memory. cameras don't lose their memory unless you delete it, unlike your brain w (MORE)
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How are eyes like a camera?

Eyes are like a camera because with them you can see the beauty of the world and always remember your favorite parts of your life.
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Why does a camera flash make eyes appear red?

Camera flashes make eyes appear red because the light is reflecting off of the retina. The red colour comes from the blood vessels that exist in the eye.