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What direction would the winds blow around a high pressure center in the northern hemisphere?

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Do hurricanes spin in different directions in the northern hemisphere then the southern hemisphere?

Yes, hurricanes of the northern hemisphere spin in a different direction to cyclones of the southern hemisphere. Hurricane is the term used for a cyclone in the Americas, or t (MORE)
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The Basics of High-Pressure Systems

Whenever you watch a weather report or listen to one on the radio, you may hear the meteorologist throw out terms like "high-pressure system," which may leave you confused. Wh (MORE)
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Five Fun Facts about the North Wind

Wind is a weather phenomenon experienced more in some parts of the world than others. Some areas experience rather steady winds and others have extreme wind conditions at diff (MORE)

High-Pressure Panel Interviews: How to Stay Cool

Congratulations, you landed an interview for your dream job! And, you'll be interviewed by a panel of people - all a the same time. Panel interviews definitely dial up the ten (MORE)
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Understanding the Effect of Trade Winds

The trade winds have been blowing since the formation of the Earth. They have been an important contributor to the world's economy and ecology. It was not until the last few h (MORE)
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How Does A High Pressure Sodium Ballast Work?

A sodium vapor lamp is a lamp that uses sodium to form light. So how does a high pressure sodium Ballast Work?A sodium vapor lamp is a lamp that uses sodium to form light. It (MORE)

Causes of Wind Gusts

Gusty winds that blow suddenly, tugging at clothing or flags, raising clouds of dust or grit, and causing the sudden flight of objects, are familiar to everyone living on plan (MORE)

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If observing the sky from the northern hemisphere which direction would the stars appear to move that are near the north celestial?

  When in the northern hemisphere, looking north toward the celestial "axis" or North Star (aka Polaris), stars acan be oberserved to move all directions.   To the sout (MORE)