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What do Arabs do when they greet each other?

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They have hand shake and most of kiss each other
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How do egyptians greet each other?

They have many greetings. Here they are in order of popularity:  "Salamu Alaykum" = Peace be upon you "Alaykum Al-Salam" = And peace be upon you "Amel Eih?" = How are you do

How do the Senegalese greet each other?

In Senegal, even though French is the official language, the custom is to greet a person first in Arabic: "Salam aleykoum" (Peace be with you), then is Wolof, "Na nga def?" (H

How do the hutterites greet each other?

It is not a complicated or even moderately formal occasion; most simply say "Hello," or some other casual greeting. And the men usually shake hands with other men and with the

Arabs greet each other by saying?

Arabs (or more specifically muslims) greet each other by saying assalamu alaikum, which means "Peace be with you". The response to that is Wa alaikum assalaam, meaning "And

How do the Mongolians greet each other?

Most greetings with strangers are informal, so a nod and a smile, with the greeting , "Sain bain uu?" (Are you well?') usually suffices. The expected response is "sain" (well)