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What do French people do for fun?

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Like a lot of people do, to go out with friends, parties, cooking with friends, to go to the restaurent, make love...
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What do people do for fun?

Some things people do for fun is what ever they find enjoyable. Some people like to participate in activity's or clubs. Also people like to travel. There are a million ways to

Why do people have fun?

Well people like to have fun for lots of reasons. Some people do it because they are bord. It just hapens😃😄😜👍

What people do for fun?

Soccer, tennis, softball, track, cheerleading, football, baseball, and other sports. Some people might do other activities like pottery, painting, ceramics, etc. Do anything t

Are people fun?

depends which people you are talking about.

Is French fun to learn?

French is fun for some to learn and not fun for others. Some people love it and others hate it. It depends on who teaches you and what methods of learning you use. If you don