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What do French people do for fun?

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Like a lot of people do, to go out with friends, parties, cooking with friends, to go to the restaurent, make love...
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What do french teens do for fun?

French teens are the same as in other Western countries. The girls like window-shopping and giggling in groups. The boys like to discuss football games, loiter in commercial m

How do you say you are having fun in french?

The most basic translation is "Je m'amuse." There are other possibilities depending on the context, but this one will always communicate your basic idea. :-)

How do you say did you have fun in french?

  Tu t'es bien amusé(e) ? / Vous vous êtes bien amusé(e)(s) ? sounds like: tew tay byeh nah-mew-zay / voo voo zet byeh nah-mew-zay

Why do people have fun?

Well people like to have fun for lots of reasons. Some people do it because they are bord. It just hapens😃😄😜👍

How do you say fun in French?

Gaieté is one good example. It means light-heartedness or fun. It's a female, so you would say la gaieté, or if being used in plural form, les gaieté. Hope this helps!