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What do you call your half sisters half sister?

It depends. If your mom had a child with another man, that childwould be your step sister. But if your step sister's mom had hersister with somebody else, you wouldn't be rela (MORE)

What was the half angel and half human called?

Half angels, or even more diluted sons of angels, were called niphilim. Although they are mentioned in the Bible they are usually translated as 'giants'-"There were giants on (MORE)

What is a half witch half human called?

If you are refering to mythological witches they come in many forms and as such your question is impossible to answer. Normally though, witchcraft is considered a religion (Wi (MORE)

What do you call a half human half animal?

well if you are asking about a specific answer read someone else's. It depends on which animal you have in the combination. . If it is a horse you have a Centaur . If it (MORE)