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What do I do when I have no HO insurance for my condo and my condo association and builders claim that my fridge caused substantial water damage in the unit directly below mine not sold and not rented?

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You are responsible for any damage caused to someone else's property, why did they let you move in the condo without proper insurance is beyond me, whether the unit below you is rented or not is of no consequence, the unit is damaged because of your fridge, so you will probably be sued for damages.

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Read your governing documents to determine your requirement to carry an HO-6 policy, which may or may not be stated there. Inquire of your board as to your responsibility for carrying an HO-6 policy.

The bigger issue is to repair the damage, which because it involves water, will precipitate mold growth.

Because you own the refrigerator and because it leaked causing damage not only to your unit, but to the unit below and the property between the floors that belongs to everyone -- common area -- you may well be responsible to pay for the repair.

Carrying an HO-6 insurance policy on a condominium is not only best practices, but is good, common sense. Your question is a good example of why.
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