What do Italians do at Christmas time?

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well me being Italian we all usally get together for lunch at my mums parents house the get together at my dads parents house
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What is 'Simply having a wonderful Christmas time' when translated from English to Italian?

Sto semplicemente trascorrendo un lieto Natale is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "Simply having a wonderful Christmas time." The present auxiliary, adverb, prese

What do Italians eat at Christmas time?

That depends entirely on the family traditions in each indevidual household. Some may have spagetti with meatballs, others may have a traditional turkey dinner with all the fi

When is Christmas celebrated by Italians?

Christmas Eve is the day on which Italians celebrate. In ancient times, one day was considered as ending, and the next day as beginning, with sundown. So Christmas actually b

What are some Italian Christmas song's?

My favorite is called "Gesu Bambino" and there is a wonderful version by Luciano Pavarotti. Also look for "dominic the donkey", that's a fun one kids will love

Do Italians use Christmas trees for Christmas?

Yes, people in Italy use Christmas trees for Christmas, however, they like to focus more on the Nativity scene. In 1991, Guinness World Records named the Christmas tree on Mon

What are some Italian Christmas songs?

Following are the most popular Italian Christmas songs: . Bianco Natale . Tu scendi dalle stelle . Astro del Ciel . Dormi, dormi bel bambino . Piva, piva . L'alber