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What do Italians do at Christmas time?

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well me being Italian we all usally get together for lunch at my mums parents house the get together at my dads parents house
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How do you say Merry Christmas in Italian?

Merry Christmas in Italian is Natale allegro! . Buon Natale 'Buon Natale' is an Italian equivalent of 'Merry Christmas'. It's the traditional greeting in Italy. It's pron

What are some Italian Christmas symbols?

Italian Christmas symbols include:    Saint Nicholas (bishop form of Santa Claus)  La Befana (kind old Christmas witch, comes on January 6th)  Broomstick (La Befana's

What are traditional Italian Christmas outfits?

The traditional Christmas outfits for men are white long sleeve  shirts with collars. On top of that shirt they wear a knitted brown  vest with ragged lines on them. They to

Why do Italians celebrate Christmas?

A majority of Italians are Roman Catholic. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Many Italians hold this belief and celebrate Christmas for their Lord and

What foods do Italians eat at Christmas?

Most popular is the Feast of the Seven Fishes. Usually you will have a dish (or two or three!) that contain different types of fish and seafoods. Many italians have the requis

What are some Italian Christmas traditions?

  The link below has some specifically Italian customs:   People do all kinds of things. At first they have a cannon fired in rome from the Castle of Saint Angelo.They

How do Italians celebrate Christmas?

Instead of writing letters to Santa to ask for presents, Italian children write to tell their parents how much they love them. The letter is normally placed under their father

What are the famous Italian Christmas recipes?

The one recipe that is used quite often at Christmas in Italy is panetone. Other recipes are pizelle, ricotta cookies, pignoli and stuffed figs coated in honey.

What are Italian Christmas habits?

OKahy As far as i know They have 7 diffrent fishes,And they Use diffren Christmas habbits than us. Sorry I was just lookingg for the answer to this for a project..and i seen s

What is the Italian word for Christmas?

Natale. The equivalent to our (Merry Christmas) is Buon Natale- lilt., Good Birthday (Of Christ!) Natale, like the French Noel has become, idiomatically and usually absoolutel

What are some Christmas phrases in Italian?

Buon Natale is the Christmas greeting. It's pronounced 'bwohn nah-TAH-leh'. It literally means 'Good Nativity'. Babbo Natale means 'Santa Claus'. It's pronounced 'BABHB-boh n