What do Jews believe about images in worship?

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The use of images is forbidden in Jewish worship. According to our laws, it distracts from the true nature of worshiping God. Jews believe that God is beyond any possibility of being represented in pictures or icons and see all such creations to be nothing more than idols.
In Judaism, God is non-physical, indivisible and incomparable.
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How do Jews worship?

In ancient times, Jews offered animal sacrifices in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, in addition to their prayers. Since the year 70, sacrifices are no longer offered up. Jews

Where do Jews worship?

In Hebrew, the formal place of worship is called Beth Knesseth: acombination of the Beth Ha-Knesset (House of Assembly), BethHa-Midrash (House of Study), and Beth Ha-Tefillah

When do Jews worship?

Traditional Jews have 3 services every day of the week, and 4 onthe Sabbath (Saturday). Non-traditional Jews usually go to thesynagogue only on the sabbath and some holidays.

Why do Jews worship?

Jews pray to thank God for what He created and gave us and show ourappreciation. We pray for the well being of others. Please see therelated link for a wonderful article expla

Where does a Jew worship?

Jews, like members of other faiths, can worship anywhere at all, but the Jewish house of worship - which usually also provides teaching - is the synagogue.

What is worship for Jews?

.Going to the Synagogue. .Praying to G-d. .Reading from, for example, the Torah. .Celebrating their Holy Days, such as Yom Kippur and Pesach. .They fast on some Holy D

Where can Jews worship?

Jews can worship almost anywhere. For group prayer, a minimum of ten men (amongst the Orthodox) or ten men and/or women (amongst almost all other groups) is required.
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Where did Jews worship?

In ancient times, worship was done in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Israel. After the Temple was destroyed in the year 70 CE, Jews worshipped in synagogues, much like they do
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Do Jews worship?

Yes; we have prayer-services three times a day (Talmud, Berakhot 26a).
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How and where do the Jews worship?

In synagogues. Jewish prayer-books have a structured order. Prayers are ancient,and often are sung or chanted. Some prayers are said in unison(such as Shir Hakavod), and some