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A follower of the religion, Wicca is called a Wiccan.
Wicca is a polythiestic religion, believing on a God and a Goddess. God and Goddess are two aspects of the nature.
Wiccans celebrate the cycles of nature. Wiccans hold religious observances on seasonal quarters, cross-quarters and Full-moons. Wiccans aspire to attune with the powers of nature, and connect with their Gods through these celebrations.
Wiccans acknowledge the magical power within every thing in nature. Human, being an intelligent creature, could make magic by controlling the will and mastering the power within.
Wiccans view sex as a sacred act of pleasure and perpetuation of species.
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Is Wicca bad?

No Wicca is not bad, any more than any other faith in it's own construct is good or bad. The Wiccan religion has an ideal of respecting everyone and everything, and sees this

Is wicca satanism?

No, Satan is an entity in the Christian faith. Wicca predates Christianity. The idea of wiccans of witchs being associated with Satan or black magick comes from a certain gr

Is wicca evil?

This will depend on what you refer to as "evil". Answer 1 (evil defined as harming others): Wicca is a belief system, a religion. It's most basic tenent, "Harm none, do what

What is Wicca?

Wicca, sometimes called "The Craft" or "The Craft of the Wise" is one of many earth-based religions. The religion which is closest to Wicca in America is probably Native Ameri

What are the differences between Alexandrian wicca and Gardnerian wicca?

  Alexandrian, founded by Alex Sanders and his wife Maxine, is an offshoot of Garnerian Wicca, founded by Gerald Gardner so the similarities are more prominent than the di

Is wicca real?

It is a philosophy that is practised by some people. Yes it is real, and no you need not fear a Wiccan. We are no more dangerous than Jehovah's witnesses. But at least we don'

Where and when did Wicca originate?

There have been innumerable religions since shortly after mankind came into existence. However, the following information is the accepted origins of Wicca. It is believed that

When did wicca start?

  In the 1930's. Gerald Gardner founded it. It is, however, based on beliefs that go back thousands of years.

In Wicca what is a key?

Something we use to obtain a shift in consciousness.

What is the difference between wicca and witchcraft?

Basically, only the negative connotation associated with the word Witchcraft. But witchcraft has been around longer, and wicca was inspired by witchcraft. The people who pract

How many people are in wicca?

  Estimates for the US are about 750,000 but it's difficult to say because a lot of practitioners work solitary (are not part of a church or organization) and quite a few

How is wicca different from paganism?

Pagan is a general term while Wicca applies specifically to those belief structures that are descended or adapted from Gardnerian Wicca, which was founded by Gerald Gardner in

Is wicca black magic?

Wicca is not classified as black nor white, but I understand what you mean. Eight words the Wiccan rede fulfil--an' it harm none, do as you will. Meaning, it is illegal to har

What is the Symbol of Wicca?

A star with a circle around it (pentacle/pentagram) Please note: this is not the only religious symbol in Wicca but is the most widely known and most common. Some of the ot

How did Wicca spread?

Wicca has spread by word of mouth & the internet, as well as media & press, and through many distinct authors & musicians. It all starts with an interest and research into the