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What do clouds contain?

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Clouds contain evaporated water.
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Clouds contain tiny drops of what?


Why do clouds contain ice particles?

Clouds that are very high up, where it is very cold, are made up of ice crystals. For example, a cirrus cloud.

What does the Oort cloud contain?

It is a cloud that contains a lot of gas.There is only one Oort cloud so it is called the Oort Cloud. It isa big swarm of icy object surrounding the Solar System at adistance

Does cloud nine contain THC?

No cloud 9 has nothing to do with THC or any type of drug for that matter its an expression some drug head idiots use when they get high to let u know how high they are so man
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When do clouds contain snow?

clouds contain rain when too much water evaporates into the cloud and it falls back to earth. snow is the same thing, except it happens in below freezing temperatures.
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What are clouds mostly contained of?

Clouds are very small ice crystals or (more commonly) water droplets that have condensed onto some minute "nuclei" - salt, or dust, or any little thing that gives the water a