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What do clouds contain?

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Clouds contain evaporated water.
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Which cloud is known as thunder cloud?

cumulonimbus and sometimes nimbostratus, however if your teacher only asks for one answer, say cumulonimbus.

Why are clouds called clouds?

Clod was the Old English word for a rock. Clouds had the same sort of shape and the word metaphorically started to refer to them. The Old English word for cloud was weolcan, b

What is the meaning of cloud in cloud computing?

Cloud Computing means the following: 1. Pay Per use: users pay per use rather than fixed cost. You pay per hour rate for usage of resources on the cloud rather than buying a
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What kind of clouds are stratus clouds?

  Stratus clouds are low-lying uniform clouds which blanket the sky. They are often a dullish white to gray in color, and they are generally the sort of clouds which appe

How can you implement cloud in cloud computing?

Actually, there's really no one-size-fits-all implementation solution for cloud computing. Your implementation process will be dictated by the size of your company and what