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Crows are scavengers, as well as birds of prey. They will eat anything, plant or animal, dead or alive.

Although crows are known for playing an essential part in keeping their environment clean, which includes cleaning up - by eating - roadkill and other corpses, rotten food, and a variety of things that make human stomachs turn, crows are fastidious given the opportunity, and will routinely, if clean water is handy, wash their food in it. They will also leave food on top of ants' nests for a while, to allow the ants, to clean it up a bit and also - because their usual food is frequently coated in ants - possibly for extra flavour.

They'll catch small creatures such as insects and mice, but while they much prefer live food, they'll eat pretty well everything available.

Crows are sometimes blamed for killing creatures, probably because it seems a logical conclusion to draw when crows are seen feeding on, for example, a dead lamb. Research has confirmed what many farmers know: that crows simply clean up the bodies of dead or dying animals. It doesn't seem a very pleasant prospect, but consider this: if you were a creature fatally ill or injured, with no prospect of help or recovery, which would you prefer: slow death by flies, ants, or wild animals, or a quick death by crow? The crow usually first approaches the brain through the eye sockets, which sounds awful, but affords the stricken creature a very quick end, compared to the horrible alternative.

Urban crows also perform a service to humans in cleaning up the rubbish we leave lying around. Their ability to eat almost anything is a great contribution to urban health, and as a bonus, they enjoy eating creatures considered pests by gardeners and farmers, such as grasshoppers, moths, caterpillars, and so on.
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Can crows eat crows?

i think yes crows can eat crows because if there is a death crows and his body remains on the ground then it can eat by other crows

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If you mean crows CATS It's a treat sometimes they even bring it home and put it on your porch.

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Crows do not usually kill and eat other crows, but they would eat a dead crow if they found one.

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What does a crow eats?

Almost anything passably edible. Roadkill, nuts, insects, garbage (bread, meat, etc) and sometimes eggs from other birds nests.

How do crow eat?

they use their beak to pick up food and then they slide it down their esophagus. They eat just the way that humans do, except that they use their beak instead of hands, which

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It is possible, but NOT recommended. Some reasons are they are brittle creatures, and have almost nothing to eat. Secondly, who knows what the crow has been eating recently.