What do elves wear?

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Elves wear red and white striped tights, a green dress and green point tip shoes
also don't forget to wear a Christmas hat
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What are elves?

small people with pointy ears. lol!. how to get an elf around Christmas time, when your tree is up, right a letter adressed to Santa Claus and ask for an elf/elves in the

Who are the elves?

\nIn mythology, boy faeries.\n. \nFamous Christmas legends, Santa helpers.

What does Santa's Christmas elves wear at the tip of their elf shoes?

They are turned-up so to speak and have bells on the toe part, this is a common idea for elves, court jesters, etc. ring a ling a ling ling, ling, ah, bring on the Ronettes, E

What do santa's elves wear?

No one really knows but they are most commonly described wearing Santa's outfit only green and instead of boots they have pointy green shoes. Some people think they wear red.

What are elves known for?

There have been many "types" of elves under consideration over time, but the most common these days seem to be those pictured in the Lord of the Rings. In the books, these are