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Here are a few examples:
  • Create/update Employee Handbook
  • Ensure proper handling of business processes, policies, and procedures
  • Advice employees and management
  • Ensure HR department is running smoothly
  • Create/update internal forms
  • Payroll
  • Process benefits
  • Process Worker's Compensation, or other state work-related paperwork
  • Workforce assessment
  • Handles hiring, reprimanding, negotiations, terminations
  • Processes and ensures timely evaluations
  • Orientations
  • Sponsorships
  • Have unbiased assessments of suggestions, issues, staff
  • Keep conscious of company staffing requirements and financial means
  • Continuously try to improve work relations and environment
  • Continuously try to keep up-to-date with HR advances (Software implementation)
  • Manage important records
  • Maintain workplace health and safety practices
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