What do huskies need?

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I have a pet Husky. We got her from an adoption centre so she came with most of the stuff we needed but here is a list of things she has now:
- A bed
- LOTS OF TOYS~ with squeakies!
- Food of course! I feed my dog Tripe~ whatever you had in mind that works too though. You can also choose to feed her wet food and dry food~ or even both!
- Collar with tag
-Water and food bowls
- Leash
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How much exercise does a husky need?

A lot! These dogs need plenty of exercise in order to stay physically and mentally healthy. They love to run run run and do especially well at pulling things behind them such

How much food does a husky need?

Two bowls of dog food a day, one in the morning, and one in the evening.And no human food!! Very bad for dogs.

Do husky malamutes mixes have special needs?

All dogs need diffrent types of care. When you have an Alaskan Malamute or a Siberian Husky or a mix of the two theres a lot you can do. You need to give them a lot of attenti

Why do huskies need to be kept outside?

Huskies like to chew and dig ALOT! They can be indoor dogs but they need to have lots of toys to play with and and lots of time outside. A fenced in backyard is best for them.

Why do Siberian huskies need their nose?

A Siberian Husky needs it nose to breath and to smell. As will all dogs their sense of smell is their strongest sense. They can get all sorts of information through their nose

What does a husky dog do to help people in need?

Just about any breed can be used for hearing assistance dogs. Huskys might also be therapy dogs. Of course huskys are used for pulling sleds, and possibly avalanche/search and

How much area does a Siberian husky needs?

Siberian Huskies need a lot of exercise and room since they are born to run and work. If they are couped up in a small area for to long by themselves they can become destructi
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What size cages do huskys need?

It depends on what you mean by cage and what your purpose is. IACUC has regulations on the size of dog cages needed for research situations. If you mean a crate which is ge

What do you need to clean a husky?

Husky coats are generally self-cleaning so there is very littleneed to bathe them unless medically required or if they've rolledin something extra nasty. A good brush through