What do i do when my boyfriend thinks my mates pretty?

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As in, your friend? looking for a serious relationship don't settle with someone you cant trust. In marriage the husband should only be adoring one women, his wife. If he is checking out every sassy thing that walks by he is not ready for commitment. But I do not know to which extent this was done. It is never healthy for someone to feel like in marriage they have free reign to check out the meat market, this may sound extreme, but you have to have a fence somewhere. No man fails on his wife before he took the second look at the beautiful waiter who served him. In my relationship my girl is the only open parking space, the rest our either taken or handicap. But also do not take it out of proportion, just communicate.
  • You should be more independent and self assured in yourself. Your mate should be able to comment to you when he sees a pretty girl and you should feel free to tell him when you see a handsome man. This does not mean he wants to have a relationship with your friend. He is simply making a comment. Smart women become independent and are self assured in themselves and realize that no matter how pretty or cute they may be there is always someone prettier or cute than you are. The trick is, believe it or not, is to be proud of your good looks if you are blessed with them, but work on the inside of yourself and your spirit will radiate making you that much more desirable. Next time he mentions this if you think your friend is pretty then agree with him.
Whether this mate of yours is a guy or a girl I wouldn't care. What matters is he is with YOU, not your mates.
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