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What do italian people dance to?

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Depends on the gathering. Some parties that bring together many people from the same village or region will have tarantellas or local dances. At nightclubs people will dance to Top 40 or Eurodance music. At weddings it's a mix of everything.
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Who originated Italian Folk Dancing?

  Answer   Earliest depictions are Etruscan, but the answer very much depends on the dance in question. Many of the older dances in Sicily and Reggio Calabria are Gr

How do you say dance in Italian?

Danza- Dance Danzare- to Dance Io Danzo- I Dance Tu Danzi- You dance Lui\Lei Danza- He\She Dances Noi Danziamo- We dance Voi Danzate- You(plural) Dance Essi\Loro

What dance do Italian like to dance?

the tarantella is a famous italian dance. im not sure if they like to do it but it's italian. MORE INFO: -a quick/sharp dance -tells a story of people running away from a tar