What do kids haft to be to walk alone in Canada?

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Where can you find the song 'You Will Never Walk Alone'?

It was written by Rodgers and Hammerstein for their 1945 musicalCarousel and was first sung by original cast member ChristineJohnson. The song has been recorded by such diverse stars as FrankSinatra, Placido Domingo and Pink Floyd, but it was the 1963version by Gerry and The Pacemakers that became b (MORE)

What is the percentage of teens who raise their kids alone?

Answer . Better still, why not ask the question: "what is the percentage of babies who are raised by children who end up being criminals, druggies or otherwise messed up?" Unforutnately, there are far too many people in our prison system who were raised alone by child mothers. It's harmful to th (MORE)

If you do walking alone is it enough to lose weight?

Absolutely. It causes your heart rate to go up and your muscles start to burn fat immediately.. Eating large amounts of fatty foods does not help. You could stay on a low fat diet, eat the right foods, salads and grains, but you can enjoy the fun foods too. It depends on how fast and how much you w (MORE)

How do you live alone as a kid?

There is a lot of help outhere so that you don't have to live alone as a kid.Make sure you get that help before you get into trouble.

Why don't kids walk to school?

Ussaly they dont because you have to live in a mile of school to walk or parents are afraid that their kids will get hit

When can my child walk home from school alone?

I would say 20 or at least till they are strong enough to fight a grown man or women. I say that because little girls and boys(mostly girls) these days are always getting kidnapped and raped by sex offenders and child molester's. Unless you want your kid raped do don't let them walk home from school (MORE)

Who wrote youll never walk alone?

It was written by Rodgers and Hammerstein for their 1945 musical Carousel and was first sung by original cast member Christine Johson.. The song has been recorded by such diverse stars as Frank Sinatra, Placido Domingo and Pink Floyd, but it was the 1963 version by Gerry and The Pacemakers that bec (MORE)

Were did Liverpool get you'll never walk alone from?

\nGerry Marsden sang "You'll Never Walk Alone" and it went to number 1 in the UK charts and at every home game at Anfield they used to play the top 10 songs in the charts from that week and the Kop used to sing along and when "You'll Never Walk Alone" left the charts the Kop carried on singing it.

Does a walking stick live alone?

Yes, the walking bug, or stick bug as it is often referred to doeslive alone. This insect is solitary and does not live in groups.

Can kids go in malls alone?

It depends how old they are. Obviously a 5 year old kid can't go to the mall alone, but a 12 year old probably can.

What can kids play outside alone?

easy go out and play I find that most children have a liking to cloud shapes. Perhaps to sit on a bench or lay on a field or lay on a bench and see what shapes they can make out of the clouds above.

Hebrew translation for you will never walk alone?

For a male, it is written: "Le'olam Lo Titz'ad Levad" - לעולם לא תצעד לבד. For female - "Le'olam Lo Titz'adi Levad" - לעולם לא תצעדי לבד.

What do kids in Canada do?

Go to school, watch tv, read books, play in the snow, go camping, go skiing, go tobboganing, go swimming, go to the mall, go to parties, hang out, eat fast food, take the bus, play with leaf piles, go bug hunting, paint, draw, make sculptures, cellphone text, talk online, facebook each other, play w (MORE)

Is there a health recipe that kids can make alone?

There is!! It's Simple and it's fast: 1 orange 2 bananas 1 cup of shredded coconut How to make: 1. Cut bananas into several chunks 2. Cut an orange, squeeze the juices onto a saucer and roll the bananas onto the juice ( so the oranges won't become waste EAT IT! hahaha :D) 3. Then r (MORE)

When are kids allowed to walk a dog?

A kid is allowed to walk a dog at age 4 as long as a adult is around. But if adult is not around then you have to be 10 and up to walk a dog. But if is a big dog then you must be 12 and up. But if it is a very little dog and if a parent is around then you can be 1 and up to walk the little dog.

At what age can kids walk alone?

Well, in Ireland. Kids walk around 9 and up. It's good not to let your child go to early...... Once there was a man and women they went up to a little girl and said "your mom is with us, she is in our car, and she wants you to come with us to, We are going to a chocolate factory as a speacial treat, (MORE)

Why is it dangerous to walk home alone at night?

One person walking alone at night is considered more dangerous than two or more people walking together at night. It's safety in numbers. It's like when fish or animals group together to be more safe from predators.

Should kids be allowed to live alone?

No, because it's usually hard to find work as a kid, especially enough money to live in an apartment and food without malnutrition or due bills. Kids shouldn't go through all of that stress young.

Should kids stay home alone?

Depends on how old they are, if they are argumentative, and how many there are. If your have a responsible 13 or 14 year old with two younger siblings it is probably okay. Since the question is kids not kid, I'm assuming it is multiple children your talking about. If you have two kids, one should be (MORE)

What sweet recipes kids can make alone?

I have two sweet desserts that kids can make alone with a little bit of adult supervision, and they are both fun and delicious. #1 - Baked Apples. Use an apple corer to remove the center of an apple. Fill with brown sugar, which you can mix in raisins and/or nuts. Dot with a bit of butter and wra (MORE)

How can you help your kid walk?

Hold his/her hands and walk with him. Kids will learn how to walk by themselves however and you don't NEED to help them at all. When they're ready they will do it.

How long can a kid be left home alone?

Well it depends on the age if between 10-13 then 5_10 mins If 14-16 about 2 or 3 hrs 16-18 as long as you want If under 10 and left alone you can be arrested for n

How old should be kids walk around street alone without parant?

Walking around on the street alone without a parent? That depends on what type of parent you have. My mom has generally always been a little overprotective, so I'm probably not going to be able to walk around alone until I'm at least thirteen. You might have the type of parents who let you walk arou (MORE)

Can a kid get a job at age 12 in Canada and if you can please Canada Calgary and i don't mean dog walking or baby sitting?

Under employment law a person who is 12 years old is defined as an adolescent. There are special rules for hiring anyone under the age of 18. For one thing, no one can employ a child under the age of 16 during regular school hours as by law children of this age are required to be in school. There ar (MORE)

How does parents feel when kids are alone?

When kids are at home alone and the parents are working the parent feels anxiety. The parents may call and check on the children repeatedly to make sure they are safe.

Is walking good for kids?

Walking is super good for kids and adults, both. The more kidsexercise, the happier they are, and the better they do in school.

Is it safe to walk on a street naked alone?

It would really depend on where you are and when. Overall, it isjust a bad idea. Even if you are in a totally safe situation,someone may look upon you as having a mental disturbance and callout law enforcement and medical to evaluate you. Most of the time,you will not be in a safe situation. You cou (MORE)

Why are Muslims not allowed to walk alone in the street?

There is no such restriction on the Muslims. They may walk alone inthe street. You are likely thinking of Saudi Arabia where there is a legalrequirement that women be accompanied by men at all times. This isa very restrictive and fundamentalist form of Islam that is notpracticed elsewhere and only (MORE)