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Narcissists are individuals with unique characteristics and personalities, just like everyone else. Although a person who has been diagnosed as a narcissist will meet specific clinical criteria, it would not be possible to say that all narcissists have only certain types of dreams. The dreams of any individual are unique to that individual and as unlimited as that person's imagination.
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Unlimited success, fame and power. All day everyday. They also try to act out these fantasies and make them into a reality to obtain even more narcissistic supply. These fantasies help reduce the feelings of inferiority, shame and doubt about themselves. Eventually they will believe these fantasies are their destinies until they grow older and realize they are not as amazing as they thought they would be. Grandiosity Gap
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Can narcissists admit to being narcissistic?

  Of course. It is not the denying of one's being narcissistic that makes one narcissistic. Narcissism is the pattern of traits and behaviors which involve infatuation and

Do some narcissists have visions or lucid dreams?

Yes, Narcissists believe they are superior being. They demand constant positive attention and motivation. Their subconscience allows them to believe they are better than their

How can you stop dreaming about your ex-Narcissist every night?

Answer . You didn't say if they were just dreams or haunting nightmares. Narcissists are controlling and also brain-wash their victims. It took you a long time to be brain-

What is a a narcissist?

Someone who worships him or her self. everything revols around you, everythign you do is for your own good and use Narcissism is the practice of displaying (among others);- gr

What is a narcissist?

somebody who has the following symptoms   Reacting to criticism with anger, shame, or humiliation  Taking advantage of others to reach own goals  Exaggerating own import

What is narcissists?

  A narcissist (from character in the Greek mythology, Narcissus) is someone who seeks pleasure only for themselves.

How does a narcissist deal with another narcissist?

This happens a lot as narcissists choose narsissitic mates much  of the time. They deal with each other the same way they deal with  everyone else and they form a sick and t

Do narcissist attract other narcissist?

  Generally, no. Narcissistic behavior is draw to others that will listen - not talk about themselves as well. There are always exceptions if there is attraction that over

Narcissist in love with a narcissist?

It's certainly possible. A narcissist may date another narcissist that is more selfish than they are to feel better about themselves. In turn say "i'm not as selfish as he/she

How does a narcissist become a narcissist?

They are born that way. A narcissist is just a milder form of a psychopath, they can feel shame and guilt but that is all. You will know when you have been around a narcissi

How do you make a narcissist see they are a narcissist?

You can't make a narcissist acknowledge their personality defect. They wouldn't believe you. They wouldn't care. The very aspects of their personality would make your efforts
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Why does a narcissistic family not know he is narcissistic and you do?

People who have been bought up by a narcissist are usually isolated (on purpose) This stops them from being able to find support. Or even clarity to see they are in an unhealt

Can you ever show a narcissist that they are a narcissist?

Generally, that won't work due to the very nature of the personality disorder. Narcissists are not open to criticism, even constructive criticism. Individuals with narcissis