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What do people in South America do for recreation?

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Recreation in South America Pretty much what people everywhere else do. Amazing how much alike we all are. Soccer and volleyball are pretty popular, though.
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Why did early people in the Americas migrate south?

Early people in the Americas migrated south to follow the coast and  make the best life using natural resources. This type of behavior  facilitated the human population expl

Do south America people eat chinchilla?

Yes, but generally only among indigenous populations living along the Andes mountain range. Chinchillas make their homes at high elevations, often residing within narrow rock

What do people grow in Colombia South America?

Coffee, rice, tobacco, sugarcane, cocoa beans, corn, and bananas are some of the primary agricultural products of Colombia. Many natives raise their own food. Coca Plants Nati

How do people get around in South America?

Not much different than North Americans do now. I'm sure there are "donkey carts" but I can't find much on it. I just thought this answer would be better than the previous an

What does people in South America wear?

If you're looking at the indigenous tribes of South America then the women wear grass skirts and sometimes a necklaces shirt. In tribes that are close to civilization the men

How do people travel in south America?

The people of South America travel around their own country through cars,aeroplanes,trains and metros,but if they want to travel to North America they have to take the train t

How do people dress in South America?

most people in south America dress similar to people in Europe or in America however in some countries you will still see people wear embroidered blouses and dresses along wit