What do teardrop tattoos under the eye symbolize?

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This is originally a prison tattoo (circa 1920, I may be wrong) it generally shows that time has been served and it was a sorrowful time. It has also been used to commemorate a loved one who has died while the prisoner served time or even to symbolize the number of people that a person might have killed.
If the teardrop tattoo is just in the form of an outline, it implies that a friend of the wearer was killed. If a teardrop tattoo is colored inside the outline it represents that the wearer's friend has been killed and the wearer has taken revenge of his friend's death.
An empty tear thus symbolizes that a loved one has been killed or the wearer has successfully shot someone else. A filled teardrop tattoo represents that a loved one has committed suicide or was killed by some cause other than a murder. It could be an accident or a death penalty. A teardrop tattoo on face with an empty top and a full bottom symbolizes that the wearer has taken a revenge of the murder of a loved one. An empty teardrop tattoo on face also symbolizes a person's time served in prison, which is usually a year at least. Teardrop tattoo can also be inked as a remembrance of a loved one who passed away while the wearer was incarcerated
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What does the teardrop tattoo symbolize?

This is originally a prison tattoo (circa 1920, I may be wrong) it generally shows that time has been served and it was a sorrowful time. It has also been used to commemorate

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Took a life in prison. That is wrong, it is not that you took a life in prison or that you have taken a life period. This is the answer that most people think it is but fran

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What does teardrop tattoos under the eye mean?

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