What do ten year olds like?

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10 YO Boys like cars, trucks, superheroes, cute girls, and potato guns,cartoons,video games,sports,hangin out wit they home boys,wreslin,action figures,rap

10 YO Girls like makeup, singing, dancing, friends, boys, and talking
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How do you get a ten year old girl to like you?

In first place I dont know anithing about you. But this how you get a 10 year old girl to like you. First make her your really true hommie. don't bother her to much make her l

How do you get a ten year old boy to like you?

Ok if you want a young boy between the years of 10-13 here it is first try to be as close to him as humanly possible but don't be a freak. Then, try TALKING to him it may soun

What do ten year old girls like?

my little sister who is ten years old is here to answer your question: HI. Well not anything like Hannah Montana or Jonas brothers. they don't like that. Lady Gaga is cool.

How can you get a ten year old girl to like you?

sit next to them, ask them about yourself. Don't lie, just keep to the truth. If you lie to her say if "I'm an only child." And you have lots of brother and sisters then say

How do you tell a ten year old you like her?

Do you mean that you like-like her? Or just friends? It depends which one you mean. If you have a crush on her, then jsut tell her that you like her, straight from your heart.

Will you like fantage if you are a ten years old?

you will love it because it is the perfect place where you and your friends can talk privately on the Internet and not get in trouble and just hang around join fashion shows a

How to get a ten year old girl to like you if you're ten years old?

Kiss her dude! Okay so, no offence, but from experience of me beingthat age very recently, I have to say: IT DOESN'T MATTER. You areten. that means that you will be going into

How does a ten year old kid make a ten year old girl like him?

You can't just "make" a girl like you. It's not like that. She's not a robot with a hard drive where you install feelings and emotions. Like you, she's a person with her own m