What do the Aztec eagle warriors do?

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they mostly ate all day. They lived off mostly taco bell and redbull because this was the fashion of the time
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What are Aztec warriors?

Aztec warriors are like soldiers back in Mexico. There were 3 types. The Eagles, Jaguar, and the Shone ones.

What did Aztec warriors wear?

Aztec warriors wore leopard print skins as suits. From The Gap? or Abercrombi e and Fitch and did they get a discount? Oh dear!, come on Darling, everyone knows Aztecs

How did Aztecs become Aztec warriors?

They didn't actually just become warriors, the citizens could choose if they wanted to be warriors but when there was a war going on, every citizen that was called to armas ha

What do Aztec warriors were?

depending on your rank if you were lower you would were regular clothes (infantry) middle you would where eagle feathers and helmet ( eagle warrior ) or at the top you would w

Where there Aztec women warriors?

Yes. Evidence from relatively the 16th century and what pictures have depicted, yes, aztec woman were warriors. Aztec woman were tall, fearless, like the amazon warriors.
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What did Aztecs do to the warriors they captured?

the Aztecs respected the men they captured and the one who captured him referred to him as "my beloved son" and the captured man referred to his captor as "my beloved father".
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What was the life of Aztec Warriors?

The Aztec warriors held a very important place in the culture of central Mexico. The warrior was a glorified position in the society. There were significant rewards in place f