What do the French drink?

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The French tend to settle on mineral water and fruit juices as room temperature drinks. They tend to drink tea and coffee as hot drinks. They tend to choose French wines, liqueurs and champagnes as alcoholic beverages.
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What do French drink?

Coffee, tea, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, milk, water, wine, beer, liquor, ginger ale, etc.

What drinks do French people drink?

French people drink almost every commonly known drink: coffee, orange juice, seltzer, sodas, milk, beer, and, of course, wine and spirits.

What drinks do the french drink?

Un Café , Un Double , Une Noissette , Café au Lait , Café Léger , Chocolat Chaud , Thé,Thé au Lait and Tisane these are all different coffee's and te

A drink in French?

une boisson = eg. We've got ten drinks to choose from.. un verre = eg. I have one more drink before I leave.