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The French love a quick and easy breakfast that consists of croissants and slices of bread. For drinks they love coffee or tea and children usually drink hot chocolate. Lunch is often a time of socialising and is known as the 1-hour mid day break but in some smaller towns where work is not as busy, lunch is known as the 2-hour break. It usually consists of sandwiches followed by a dessert. Dinner often consists of three courses: an entrée which is usually soup, a middle course which consists of salad and a cheese platter, and maybe fresh fruit or yoghurt and a final course which is often meat served with rice or pasta. For desert they eat crepes, soufflé, custard, chocolate and tarts. They also love their wine.
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What do the French eat for breakfast?

Well, obviously, they eat what they feel like; but the CLASSIC  French breakfast is a simple affair based on fresh bread.   Note the word FRESH. The French favour a light

What do the French eat for tea?

Food is not necessarily consumed with tea in France. However, foods  such as pastries, macaroons, small sandwiches, as well as baguettes  and cheese are sometimes enjoyed wi

What do the French eat for dinner?

Some of the most famous meals in France are frogs legs, and snails these two meals are the most well known.   There are numerous delicious French appetizers, for example, 

What do the french eat for dessert?

  The french eat a variety of different desserts, such as, creme brulee which is french for cream caramel, exotic fruits, chocolate eclairs and many many more which french

What do the french eat at chistmas?

Turkey, chestnuts, vegetables, pommes duchesse, stuffed roast pork, smoked salmon, fois gras, oyster, lobster, buche de noel, chocolats...etc... with champagne of course

What do the French eat on their baguettes?

It depends - for breakfast it could be just butter or butter and jam, if it's to accompany a meal at midday or in the evening, it's eaten just as it is, but if it's to be used

What do the french eat for lucnh?

People often eat a hors-d'oeuvre (a small portion of raw vegetables for instance), then a main dish (some meat plus accompanying potatoes or veggies, or pasta) - If you are st

What do the French eat for breakfast in French?

kids usually drink a big bowl of hot chocolate (un bol de chocolat chaud) and maybe a pastry (un croissant or un pain au chocolat), adults usually drink a bowl of coffee (un b

What do the french eat a lot of and why?

the french eat a lot of pastries and bread, basically bakery foods. The reason for this is because they are famous for producing them and are very proud about it. I went to fr