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Meaning of the Flag
  1. Cerulean Blue represents fidelity. This blue reflects our tropical sky and also our emerald surrounding waters: the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
  2. Gold represents the prevailing sunshine in the Caribbean and prosperity
  3. Black and white stand for the cultural influences - the white part, the white culture; the black part, the black culture -the two races living and working in unity.
  4. The design impresses the dominance of the Negro culture vis-à-vis that of Europe, against a background of sun­shine and ever-blue sea. This is represented by the three triangles in the centre of the flag, symbolising three pitons.
  5. The Triangle, the shape of which is an isosceles triangle, is reminiscent of the island's famous twin Pitons at Soufriere, rising sheer out of the sea, towards the sky -themselves, a symbol of the hope and aspirations of the people."
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