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What do the different colors mean with stars?

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Different colors of stars "usually" means different temperatures. I don't remember the temperature that each color corresponds with, but when stars are different colors it is usually due to their temperature.
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What do the different colors such as red-and-black and blue-and-black mean on nautical stars?

  PORT side of a ship while you are on it, looking Forward, is the LEFT SIDE. Yes, Red is on the PORT SIDE. Blue is for starboard or (right side). -Sailor, U.S.N.   An

Why does the stars blink in different colors?

Stars burn at different temperature's. This gives a star its color. According to science it is not possible to blink different colors! The temps which create the color very in

What do the different colored lightsabres in Star Wars mean?

some of the loose patterns of note are that blue sabres indicate a Jedi more intent on combat that the force, while green is the opposite and purple, being a combination of bl

Why do stars twinkle different colors?

The color you perceive a star as having is based on three or four factors. 1. The actual color of the star, which is driven by its size and age. As you would expect, a blue

What do the different colors of the stars mean?

The color of a star indicates its temperature. Blue or white stars are the hottest and smallest. Red or orange stars are the coolest and largest. Stars like our sun with a yel

Can the stars in the galaxy have different colors?

Yes. It all depends on how hot the stars are "burning" and what they are using for fuel. Stars can be red, orange, yellow, blue, white and brown. And of course collapsed stars

What do the different colored lightsabers in Star Wars mean?

The different colors don't really mean anything. Each lightsaber had a different design and crystal color. They were designed to somewhat represent the personality of the wiel

Can stars have different colors?

Stars do have different colours. If you look carefully, you will see that there are differences between the colours of stars. Some are very different in colour to others, but