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http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1824191/what_upc_barcode_numbers_mean.html?cat=3 The UPC, or Universal Product Code, barcode is a method of marking consumer products so that they may be identified easily. Most UPC barcodes, called version A, and have twelve numbers. However, there are other versions such as the UPC version E with only eight digits, and the ISBN-13 version with thirteen numbers used for books. There are also other barcode systems such as EAN-13 and EAN-8 that are used outside the U.S. But the UPC version A barcode is the most common. What do the numbers in the UPC version A barcode mean? There have been rumors circulating recently stating that the first the digits of any UPC barcode represents the country where the item was made. Many internet users have received emails regarding this. The emails usually also give a listing of three digit numbers and their corresponding country. These emails are generally not from spammers, but from friends or relatives relaying this information with good intentions. Since many American consumers do not want to buy products from certain foreign countries, this seemed like a great way to tell where the product was from. Believing the three digit story in the emails, American consumers who wanted to buy only American products, had, it seemed, a way of assuring the origin of a product. And they could avoid buying products from countries that sell inferior products, have no laws regulating food processing and use processing methods that are illegal in the U.S. However, the three digit story is untrue. The senders of these emails were misinformed and those who received them were unintentionally misled. The first three digits of the UPC barcode does not represent the country where the product was made. So what do those numbers really mean? The first number represents the type of product. For example, a zero indicates regular UPC codes, a three means that it is an item that needs to be weighed at the store, and a four is used for drug and health type items. The next five numbers are the manufacturer's identification number. This is assigned to the manufacturer or the distributor of the item by the UCC Council, the organization that coordinates barcode standards. The next five numbers are the manufacturer's or distributor's item number for that individual product and is assigned by the manufacturer or distributor. The last number, called the check digit, is the most interesting number of the barcode. It is gotten by a calculation using the other eleven numbers of the code. For example, the UPC barcode pictured with this article is 073435000068. We can determine what the 8 represents by the following: First the numbers that are in the odd positions are added together. In this example 0 + 3 + 3 + 0 + 0 + 6 = 12. The sum is then multiplied by three, 12 x 3 = 36. Then the numbers that are in the even positions are added together. In this example 7 + 4 + 5 + 0 + 0 = 16. The two numbers are then added together. In this example 36 + 16 = 52. Then we determine what number when added to 52 becomes a multiple of ten. In this case 52 + 8 = 60, where 60 is the multiple of ten and 8 becomes the last digit in the barcode. Every time a barcode if read, the scanner performs this calculation to make sure the item is scanned correctly. Now that you know what those UPC barcode numbers really mean, you can disregard any future emails from well meaning associates regarding UPC barcodes.
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What is the generic code number of the 1977 Mercury Villager light bar bulbs?

%REPLIES%. Answer . The bulb for a 1995 Villager is a 2040-USA, a specialty, black tip halogen. I suspect the 1997 is the same. \n. \ndonsbulbs.com\n. \nI haven't figure out where to get them yet.. Answer . The Mercury villager uses four (4) 2040 bulbs. If you are in Canada you can get them at Canadian Tire stores at a cost of about 8.99 per bulb. If you are in the USA or to order online you can go to a NAPA auto parts store or napaonline.com. The cost there is about $12.99 per bulb. the bulbs last on average 500 hours\n. \n.

02 impala with check engine code p0128 this code is not found under emission codes what does this code mean and how do you repair?

It means the engine didn't warm up to the correct operating temperature. Thermostat is probably stuck open. Replace the thermostat.

How do you change a number in a Microsoft Excel cell to a bar code format?

Answer . \nYou'll need a barcode font loaded on your PC first then just apply that font. The most common is called 3of9 true type font. You can google this and download it for free. Then just install it. Just a note, all bar coded values need to be preceeded and followed by an asterisk. This let's the reader know where to start, where to end and how big the bars are. So, change your value to include these asterisks and then apply the font. It'll read.

Whats the meaning behind a bar code tattoo?

It means: "this person is just a product" When i put such tattoo on my skin, I'm telling the word that I'm just a box, or a can came out of a production line :) The use of the barcode as a tattoo design is meant to be ironical, a warning that if we are not careful as a culture, we are all in danger of becoming products ourselves. A barcode tattoo is also a protest against a culture where it seems that everyone wears the same clothes, listens to the same music and uses the same products. A barcode tattoo is a statement against a culture of commodities and a celebration of diversity and the uniqueness of the individual. Lots of punk music enthusiasts embraced the barcode tattoo,every one is a product,you sale your time in order to get money or other reward, you die you become recyclable just like a product, you breed you create other products could be good or bad............but remember what is not a product is your soul and spirit their not material.

What is a bar code?

bar code , Universal Product Code (code consisting of a series of vertical bars of variable width that are scanned by a laser; printed on consumer product packages to identify the item for a computer that provides the price and registers inventory information)

How does a bar code reader work in reading a bar code?

A barcode reader works by directing a laser across the bar code and measuring the amount of light that is reflected back to its photosensors. A scanner, imager or reader will act just like any other input device for your computer. When the cursor is in the field on any application or form that you will be using and an item is scanned, the data will enter the field exactly as if someone was typing the data into the field. There is no additional software that is needed to load for this to work. The only set up may be required would be to initialize the scanner by scanning the corresponding barcodes that are in the user manual. In a store each barcode represents a certain item that is for sale. The scanner knows which barcode is which, so it can read the item for the price or other features of the item.

What do the numbers under badge mean?

If you are referring to a police officers badge, each officer is assigned a personal identification number. If you had a reason to find out or indicate who a particular officer is or was, you could give his/her badge number, and this number would identify the officer. In other words, the number connects to a name.

What is the serial number mean on Engelhard silver bars?

It means that there is a traceable record of that bar every time it changes hands and a means for the IRS to know about that sale if they so desired. Also it means that a stolen bar would have a difficult time being sold legally.

What does barred mean?

It means to be prevented from accomplishing something. In a legal sense it means a person is no longer allowed to perform in a particular field, such as medicine or law.

Bar code system- why must the number code be changed to binary for the laser readr to work?

Binary is the most primitive form of numeric notation and is by farthe easiest to implement at the machine level.

Why are numbers on a bar code important?

Numbers on a bar code are important because it is how the scanner recognizes the what product you are trying to buy. The lines and dashes are important to this as well.

Why is a number printed with a bar code in a shop because i need to know?

The number is printed because sometimes you need to know what the barcode says. You don't want to have to decode ityourself, do you?

What do the strips mean on a bar code?

The digits of a number in most cases, although some barcodes nowcan encode ASCII characters too.

What is Bar code for?

A bar code is used to keep up with merchandise that is being sold,returned or what you have in inventory. A barcode is an opticalmachine-readable representation of data relating to the object towhich it is attached.

Go into detail why it is said that every bar code holds the number 666?

There are not that many explianations on why every bar code includs the number 666. But it is true.

What the number behind the bar-code on a can of dip means?

Number ranging from 0-12. 12 the highest i have seen is theconsistency and the strength of the batch. 0 the weakest and 12 thestrongest.

What does the number under the bar code on a can of grizzly tobacco mean?

it means the moisture content. 1,2,3,4 which are common and have a low moisture content. And such numbers as 11 and 12 are rare and really moist.

Numbers by the bar code of grizzly chewing tobacco?

it means 0 is the worst 12 is the best im the owner of grizzly snuff trademark

Winchester Model 90 serial number has an A under it What does that mean?

It means that it is a Model 1890 (90) receiver. When Winchester introduced the Model 1906, they used the exact same receiver and action as the Model 1890, with exeption of the cartridge carrier. To readily differentiate between the two, Winchester stamped an "A" on the Model 1890 receiver and a "B" on the Model 1906 receiver.. Bert H.

What does the number behind bar code on a grizzly can mean?

it goes from 0 to 12. 0 being from the bottom of the barrell 12 from the top its the qaulity of your chew

Number under bar code on grizzly?

It is the quality of the chew. It ranges from 1-12, 1 being from the bottom of the barrel and the lowest quality so to speak, and 12 being the top of the barrel and the highest quality

What does the number under the bar code on a grizzly dip can mean?

Its the quality of the dip 0 being the bottom of the barrel 12 being the top.

What is under bar?

(under bar)sulod sa bar ..dra makit-an ang mga lamisa og bangko para sa mga costumers...... by: HRM STUDENT_herv

What is a bar code number?

This number specifies another unique number that the bar code scanner recognizes and cross-references against inventory records. Located in the lower right hand corner of the IPMS Identification Label.

What does this mean Which set of these numbers is closed under division?

It means that dividing any number in the set by any other number in the set is valid, and that the result is again a member of the set. For example, the set of real numbers is NOT closed under division - you can't divide by zero. The set of real numbers, excluding zero, IS closed under division. Similarly, the set of rational numbers excluding zero is also closed under division. It means that dividing any number in the set by any other number in the set is valid, and that the result is again a member of the set. For example, the set of real numbers is NOT closed under division - you can't divide by zero. The set of real numbers, excluding zero, IS closed under division. Similarly, the set of rational numbers excluding zero is also closed under division. It means that dividing any number in the set by any other number in the set is valid, and that the result is again a member of the set. For example, the set of real numbers is NOT closed under division - you can't divide by zero. The set of real numbers, excluding zero, IS closed under division. Similarly, the set of rational numbers excluding zero is also closed under division. It means that dividing any number in the set by any other number in the set is valid, and that the result is again a member of the set. For example, the set of real numbers is NOT closed under division - you can't divide by zero. The set of real numbers, excluding zero, IS closed under division. Similarly, the set of rational numbers excluding zero is also closed under division.

What does number barred means?

The 'phone number you have tried to call has your phone set to barred. This is beccause the person who owns that 'phone will not take your calls.

What does a line under a number mean?

That depends on the context; but usually an underlining means that somebody wanted to draw attention to something, in this case, to a specific number.

What does medical code number 26600rt mean?

26600 = Closed treatment of metacarpal fracture; single; without manipulation, each bone RT = right side (foot)

What do the lines on a bar code mean?

As your in the Shopping section Ill explain the UPC barcode as its the most common A bar code is a product descriptor code created to be read by a computerised scanner or EPOS machine ( a till). It consists of 11 numbers in groups of "0"s, the black strips and "1"s are the white strips. Tis is the format computers use - BINARY. A The first number describes the type of product. Most products begin with a "0"; exceptions are variable weight products such as meat, cheese and vegetables (2), health-care products (3), bulk-discounted goods (4), and coupons (5). The number 1 is never used as the scanner (a laser) could mistake it for a black bar - a 0 The next five numbers are the product's manufacturer. These are registered internationally to make the manufacture code unique. The next five numbers after that describe the product itself, including its color, weight, size, and other distinguishing characteristics. The code does not include the price of the item or any taxes to be added. When the identifying code is read, the information is sent to the store's computer database, this is frequesntly called the back office system, which checks it against a price list and returns the price to the cash register. The last number is a check digit, which tells the scanner if there is an error in the other numbers. The preceding numbers, when added, multiplied, and subtracted in a certain way will equal this number. If they do not, a mistake exists somewhere. Complicted at first but once you look at the codes on your food you will soon understand. You will also see a in many codes now that they have become 14 charectors. This is because a 3 digit code as been added to the existing product information . GS1 Prefixes do not provide identification of country of origin for a given product. They simply provide number capacity to different countries for assignment from that location to companies who apply. Those companies in turn may manufacture products anywhere in the world. lines on a bar code are almost like encrypted files, they can only be read or detected through a special device. This allows a computer (cash register) to acknowledge an item and decodes the price.

What does it mean when you get a bar code tattoo?

Its when you literally get an actual bar code tattooed on yourself. its a pretty cool and unique design as opposed to common tattoos such as crosses and script writing.

How do you get under the bar in panfu?

you go to the eerie forest get the feather and bandage take it back to the pirate bar. the pirate will tell you you have to get under the pub so go to the gift shop there is a crowbar on the top shelf click it take it back to the pirate bar and go under.

What is the number behind the bar code on grizzly cans mean?

the numbers are a rating system from 0 to 12. 0 being the lowest quality 12 being grade A chew

What do the numbers under the letter mean on the periodic table?

That is the Atomic Number. The atomic number of an element is equal to the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom of the element.

Where can you get bar codes for upc numbers?

To convert you upc numbers to machine readable barcodes you willhave to contact a barcoding agency which will provide you will abarcode graphics which you can print on product packaging. I wouldrecommend placing a bulk order with your barcoding agency to getgood discount.

What is the relationship between the bar code lines and the numbers underneath?

Each type of barcode with fat and thin bars (UPC & code128 for example) use an algorithm to calculate the bars that represent the underlying digits. Many barcodes include checksum bars to help with possible errors when reading the bars. Code 3 of 9 barcode font (see related link), uses a set of bars for each digit 0-9, as well as each letter of the alphabet and a few symbol characters. The US Post Office's POSTNET font is one of the few that I know of that is even close to human readable. It reads like this: a tall bar represents a 1 and a short bar represents a 0. The very first bar and very last bar are called frame bars and have no value. So starting with the second bar, each group of 5 bars represents a digit 0-9. Within each group of 5 bars, the bars have the following place values: 7,4,2,1,0. By using this, rather than straight binary (8,4,2,1,0), you get the following rule: Each group of 5 will have 2 tall bars and 3 short bars. This provides kindof an error check against misprinted bars. Example, to represent a one: ...|| would be (1 times 1 plus 1 times 0). Here are the digits 1-9: ...|| ..|.| ..||. .|..| .|.|. .||.. |...| |..|. |.|.. For zero(0) this set of bars is used: ||... (it adds up to 11, but the barcode readers know that this means zero, and it's the only other way to use 2 tall bars. The last digit represented by the last set of 5-bars in the string of digits, is a checksum digit. All the digits are added up, and then the checksum digit is the number required to make the total sum of digits equal a multiple of 10. So if the digits add up to 32, the checksum digit will be an 8.

What does a tattoo of a bar code on the neck mean?

Having a barcode tattoo on the neck means that you are a product ofthe society. Being a product of the society does in turn mean thattoday's society has formed you as a person and made you to what youare today.

What do the bars on bar codes mean?

they mean that they are numbers of or to pertaining to the numbers on the product. Identifiers.

What do you mean by dismissal of suit under civil procedure code?

Dismissal of a Suit finally terminates the proceedings therein before the Court in which the same was filed. A Suit can be dismissed under the following provisions of the Civil Procedure Code ORDER IX Rule 2. Dismissal of suit where summons not served in consequence of plaintiffs failure to pay cost- Where on the day so fixed it is found that the summons has not been served upon the defendant in consequence of the failure of the plaintiff to pay the court-fee of postal charges (if any) chargeable for such service, [159][or to present copies of the plaint or concise statements, as required by rule 9 of order VII,] the Court may make an order that the suit be dismissed. Rule 3. Where neither party appears, suit to be dismissed- Where neither party appears when the suit is called on for hearing, the Court may make an order that the suit be dismissed. Rule 5. Dismissal of suit where plaintiff after summons returned unserved, fails for one month to apply for fresh summons- (1) Where after a summons has been issued to the defendant, or to one of several defendants, and returned unserved the plaintiff fails, for a periods of [162][one month] from the date of the return made to the Court by the officer ordinarily certifying to the Court returns made by the serving officers, to apply for the issue of a fresh summons the Court shall make an order that the suit be dismissed as against such defendant, unless the plaintiff has within the said period satisfied the Court that- (a) he has failed after using his best endeavours to discover the residence of the defendant, who has not been served, or (b) such defendant is avoiding service of process, or (c) there is any other sufficient cause for extending the time, in which case the Court may extend the time for making such application for such period as it thinks fit.] Rule 8. Procedure where defendant only appears- Where the defendant appears and the plaintiff does not appear when the suit is called on for hearing, the Court shall make an order that the suit be dismissed, unless the defendant admits the claim or part thereof, in which case the Court shall pass a decree against the defendant upon such admission, and, where part only of the claim has been admitted, shall dismiss the suit so far as it relates to the remainder. ORDER IX Rule 21. Non-compliance with order for discovery- [170][(1)] Where any party fails to comply with any order to answer interrogatories, or for discovery or inspection of documents, he shall, if a plaintiff, be liable to have his suit dismissed for want of prosecution, and, if a defendant, to have his defence, if any struck out, and to be placed in the same position as if he had not defended, and the party interrogating or seeking discovery or inspection may apply to the Court for an order to that effect and [171][an order may be made on such application accordingly, after notice to the parties and after giving them a reasonable opportunity of being heard.] ORDER XX Rule 14 . Decree in pre-emption suit- (1) Where the Court decrees a claim to pre-emption in respect of a particular sale of property and the purchase-money has not been paid into Court, the decree shall- (a) specify a day on or before which the purchase-money shall be so paid, and (b) direct that on payment into Court of such purchase-money, together with the costs (if any) decrees against the plaintiff, on or before the day referred to in clause (a), the defendant shall deliver possession of the property to the plaintiff, whose title thereto shall be deemed to have accused from the date of such payment, but that, if the purchase-money and the costs (if any) are not so paid, the suit shall be dismissed with costs. ORDER XXII Rule 8 . When plaintiffs insolvency bars suit- (1) The insolvency of a plaintiff in any suit which the assignee or receiver might maintain for the benefit of his creditors, shall not cause the suit to abate, unless such assignee or receiver declines to continue the suit or (unless for any special reason the Court otherwise directs) to give security for the costs thereof within such time as the Court may direct. (2) Procedure where assignee fails to continue suit, or give security-Where the assignee or receiver neglects or refuses to continue the suit and to give such security within the time so ordered, the defendant may apply for the dismissal of the suit on the ground of the plaintiff's insolvency, and the Court may make an order dismissing the suit and awarding to the defendant the costs which he has insured in defending the same to be proved as a debt against the plaintiff's estate. ORDER XXV Rule 2 . Effect of failure to furnish security- (1) In the event of such security not being furnished within the time fixed, the Court shall make an order dismissing the suit unless the plaintiff or plaintiffs are permitted to withdraw therefrom. ORDER XXX Rule 13 . Where minor co-plaintiff attaining, majority desires to repudiate suit- (1) Where a minor co-plaintiff on attaining majority desires to repudiate the suit, he shall apply to have his name struck out as co-plaintiff; and the Court, if it finds that he is not a necessary party shall dismiss him from the suit on such terms as to costs or otherwise as it thinks fit. Rule 14 . Unreasonable or improper suit- (1) A minor on attaining majority may, if a sole plaintiff, apply that a suit instituted in his name by his next friend be dismissed on the ground that it was unreasonable or improper.

What is the bar code number for enesco's precious moments 100250?

The bar code is different for every place of purchase. It is what the store scans to keep track of their store inventory for that particular figurine. The bar code for a precious moments distributor in one shop, may be different from the bar code for a precious moments distributor in another (it may also be the same, depending on the lot number of that figurine). If you own the figurine and wish to know the barcode, it should be clearly labeled on the original packaging.

What is usually written under the bar code?

The digits of the code, so that humans can read it and manuallyenter it should the scanner have problems.

What is the meaning of bar over a whole number?

If there is a bar over a number it means that it is an irrational number or possibly an infinite number. A number with a bar over it cannot be considered a whole number.

Does group code mean your homeroom number?

depending on what your teacher or instructor gives you. It normally would be your class' home room number for example if you teacher was named mrs smith. and she taught 5th grade, It would be S5 S for smith and 5 for your grade level.

What is the number of bar code combinations?

Assuming you mean the 13 digit bar code and by "combinations" the mathematical permutations, then there are 10 12 different bar codes - the 13 th digit is a check digit based on the other 12. On the 8 digit bar code there are 10 7 different bar codes - the 8 th digit is a check digit based on the other 7. . "Combination" has a specific meaning in maths: Permutations are sets arranged in order whereas Combinations are sets where order does not matter. So for the six sets: {1, 2, 3}, {2, 3, 1}, {3, 1, 2}, {1, 3, 2}, {2, 1, 3}, {3, 2 1} they are different permutations of the digits 1, 2 & 3 (as the order changes each time) but the same combination (as each set contains one 1, one 2 and one 3 in some order). The same is true of the six numbers: 123, 231, 312, 132, 213, 321 They are different permutations of the three digits 1, 2 & 3 but the same combination of them - each number contains one 1, one 2 and one 3.

What does a bar mean over a number in math?

It means that the number goes on forever. It does not stop. For example, if there is a bar on the 3 in the number 4.3, it means that the 3 repeats itself forever (4.3333333333333333333333333333333333333333 etc)

What are the under bar?

Can be many different things depending on context- Bar like a toolbar, bar in a game, bar in a graph, bar as in alcohol, barometric, etc etc. rephrase with type.

What are the first three numbers in an Australian bar code?

930 - 939 is the short answer. The long answer is: GS1 Prefixes do not provide identification of country of origin for a given product. They simply provide number capacity to different countries for assignment from that location to companies who apply. Those companies in turn may manufacture products anywhere in the world. The management of the GS1 System is carried out locally by GS1 Member Organizations established in over 100 countries. GS1 Member Organizations use their assigned prefix to allocate GS1 Company Prefixes to their member companies to enable them to create GS1 Identification Keys ..

What does it mean to be barred?

To be barred means you are prohibited or banned from doing something or going somewhere. You can be barred from a public house, a shop, etc. When using a cell phone a phone number can be barred meaning you cannot call it. Usually premium phone numbers are barred to stop you running up huge bills.

How does a bar code reader works with its bar codes?

A barcode reader scans the barcode with a LASER detecting thealternating light and dark bands and their widths. This pattern isthen decoded into a series of digits (or sometimes lettersdepending on the code). These characters are then sent via a serialinterface to the computer in the cash register as a stream of ASCIIcharacters. Anything that happens after that is up to the software in the cashregister's computer and/or the main store computer that the cashregister is connected to.

What does this mean Which set of these numbers is closed under subtraction?

It means whatever members of the set you subtract, the answer will still be a member of the set. For example, the set of positive integers is not closed under subtraction, since 3 - 8 = -5

Why do bar codes have a meaning?

Bar codes have a meaning because the meaning of a bar code is assigned to that bar code. A bar code identifies an item,and product information regarding that item is held in a data base.