What do the padlocks on the Great Wall of China represent?

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One interesting custom is that of lovers bringing a padlock - often engraved with their names - and locking the padlock to a chain provided for the purpose on the Great Wall, to symbolise the enduring nature of their love. Apparently it is not just the wall, but mountains too are favoured for this practice
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Where in China is the Great Wall of China?

In Beijing. The Great Wall. Built over thousands of years, the wall stretches over 8,851 kilometers (5,500 miles). The wall begins in Hushan in Liaoning Province in the east and travels across China to the Jiayuguan Pass in Gansu Province in the west. It crosses through nine provinces. Most people (MORE)

Why visit The Great Wall of China?

The Great Wall of China is a UNESCO world heritage site and anarchitectural marvel. It is prominent enough to be seen from outerspace.

Who long is The Great Wall of China?

The most recent studies indicate that it is/was 5,500 miles long, including the trenches and natural hill and cliff barriers incorporated with the wall itself.

Why they build The Great Wall of China?

they build the great wall of china because the half of the country tried to destroy china so they had to build a big wall so they won't destroy China. so they named it the great wall of china.

When was the Great Wall of China was built?

The Great Wall of China was built in the 7th century in 221 B.C. Emperor Quin Shi Huang had ordered peasents, every day people, and prisoners had also built the wall of China. If one of these workers had fallen into the Wall during the construction, they were basiclly just left there. They call the (MORE)

What was the Great Wall of China made for?

The Great Wall of China was made to defend; basically stop the Mongols from entering and invading the dynasty. I remember reading somewhere that when there were still in the times of emperors in China, an emperor ordered people to build a wall against his enemies (the Mongolians) so that China would (MORE)

Can you bicycle the Great Wall of China?

\nYou can ride along much of the wall, but not ON the wall. Much of the wall is broken and in deterioration, so you wouldn't want to ride ON the Wall anyway.

Where exactly is the Great Wall of China?

The Great Wall of China stretches from Shanhaiguan in the east to Lop Nur in the west, along an arc that roughly delineates the southern edge of Inner Mongolia. For more info read: http://www.answers.com/great+wall+of+china

What is the Great Wall of China a bridge or a wall?

The Great Wall of China is a very large wall that stretches from one end of China to the other. In fact, it is so big astronauts can see it from space! It was built to keep out Mongolian invaders. The Great Wall of China was most definitely a wall.

How thick are the walls on the Great Wall of China?

The great wall of China is actually a series of many walls that were eventually built to meet and join with each other. The various walls that make up the great wall vary in thickness widely from as little as 6 inches to a maximum width of around 30 feet. However; the most famous portions (where y (MORE)

Who is managing The Great Wall of China?

The Chinese government and particularly its tourist affairs organisation is managing the affairs belong to this wall because more than 4 million tourists have been visiting this great monument every year for centuries.

Why is Great Wall of China build?

Because they wanted to protect themselves from nomadic warriors or nomadic clans (which lived in territory of Modern Mongol) who always attacked them, and made them to pay ransoms, any goods. Sometimes kings and queens of ancient China became herdsmen to these Nomads. If you will read some books or (MORE)

Who made the great the wall of china?

The first emperor of China, called Qin Shi Huang Di, connected several pieces of smaller walls which had been built by the leaders of other "states" in China. When Qin Shi Huang Di unified China by beating the other states in wars, he joined the smaller sections into one larger wall. The walls were (MORE)

How was Great Wall of China used?

The great wall of china is used as a major tourist attraction. Since it is one of the greatist constructions mankind ever created, there is a lot worth visiting for. The great wall of china was built to; ® Built to protect the northern borders of the Chinese empire against intrusions by various n (MORE)

Why was the Great Wall of China built where it is?

It was built along China's northern and western borders, to keep out invading Mongols. Originally it consisted of walls built between rival Chinese factions, but was lengthened and rebuilt several times over a period of 2000 years, until the end of the 16th century. The parts built in the mountains (MORE)

Why is Great Wall of China attracted?

The Great Wall of china is attracted because it represents about how the king of china build it so that when they were gonna be attacked the wall would stop them so that they would get read for war

How Successful was The Great Wall of China?

It was very successful at keeping enemy invaders away, but at the same time it ruined China by stopping all communication with foreign countries. They just sat there inside their great wall and invented nothing until the europeans attacked.

How was Great Wall of China use?

China's great wall was built to keep out the large invading armies of the Mongol people. The Mongols had pillaged China and raped their woman for centuries. The Great Wall put a stop to it.

What does The Great Wall of China have to do with farming?

it was to keep the Mongolians out ! However, since society during that time..... more than 90 % lived on farms. The wall was used to protect farmers. Mongolians typically did NOT grow much food. They sole it ! The chinese were protecting their hard work=crops.

Who lives in the Great Wall of China?

Nobody "lived" in the Great Wall of China, so to say. It was built to keep out invading Mongolian forces who, at the time, were trying to take over China. Guards were posted at every tower and constantly patrolling the wall, but no one ever actually "lived" there. However, during the construction of (MORE)