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What do tribal wings in a tattoo mean?

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Wings are typically symbolise freedom. This can be freedom from many things. Independence from the norm, from a struggle in life that they've risen above, or they may just have a thing for wings.
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What does a tribal cross tattoo mean?

  Answer     There aren't any universal meanings for tattoo symbols.     Check out tattoo symbolism here:     http://tattoo.about.com/cs/beginner

What do Hawaiian tribal tattoos mean?

That is a question with a complicated answer/ If you go to Hawaii (to anyone who has been seriously and gonestly trained in this type of the tattoo tradition) you will go to t

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This really depends on what kind of dragon is used. There are two types. The first type represents good (and protects prosperity and makes people healthy) and the other type r

Heart with wings tattoo meaning?

Heart with wings tattoo means eternal love or romance that uplifts.  Heart being the life force within all human beings helps one to  reach his or her aspiration and enjoy a

Meaning of tribal tattoos?

Alot of them have significance to the tribes and the meaning of  each part of the patterns. Many of the islander tattoos are passed  on from generations.

What does each tribal tattoo mean?

it doesnt mean anything. tribal tattoos are just black swirly designs that are usually got by jocks or chavs . IMO they look cheap and horrible and they all look the same. you

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It means he has poor judgment and is marked like a fool. Permanently. lmao @ that answer ^^ here's mine: Christofer Drew has 39 tattoos...at the moment. haha 1. He has

What is the meaning on wings tattoo on chest?

There are a couple of meanings for wing tattoos on the chest. They  often represent God's love and religion. They can also be a  memorial tattoo for somebody and represent a