What do white oaks eat?

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White oak trees like full sun and moist, well-drained, acidic soil. They don't eat, they make their own food from sunlight.
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Where do white oak trees grow?

White oak is found in a majority of the Eastern United States. iffound west of the Mississippi as far as the Rocky Mountains.

Are white oaks native to Missouri?

Yes. White oak is a family including, the white oak, bur oak, blackjack oak, etc. Missouri has 21 native oaks, nearly half of which are of the white-oak family.

Are white oaks dicots?

Oak leaves are dicots, not monocots. They are deciduous trees thatare angiosperms, which means that they are flowering plants.

What is white oak?

just go and enter white oak or oak then you will find it and the person who wrote this cant read